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“With Rhapsody, we found a partner who understands the healthcare industry and can meet a diverse set of integration requirements. All the magic behind the scenes with connected data – Rhapsody makes it happen. “

Mike Hawn

SVP Data Services & Product Solutions, BioIntelliSense

“If tomorrow we bring on another lab or pharmacy, I can use Corepoint to connect to a different protocol. With Corepoint, we can focus on delivering the best solution and not worry about the tool.”

Cesar Ruiz

CDR Maguire | Health & Medical

“Rhapsody did a fantastic job helping us onboard customers in Europe that were complicated to integrate.”

Ken Wu

Chief Technology Officer, Caresyntax

Rapidly get value out of your health data

Onboard customers faster

Remove interoperability as a roadblock and speed time to revenue when you join more than 350 healthcare vendors who rely on Rhapsody for healthcare data access and quality needs.

Accelerate your roadmap

As integration needs change, Rhapsody helps you stay ahead. We respect the legacy of healthcare interoperability while encouraging new approaches, we bring both to the table to help you solve problems.

Connect or embed for lower TCO

A proven track record with HL7® FHIR ® R4 (and pre-release 5), HL7 (v2 and v3), CCDA, NCPDP, X12, IHE, DICOM, XML, and more.

Quickly pivot to meet market demands

Incorporate quality data into the patient’s health record for seamless workflows.

Scale elastically

Healthcare interoperability solutions that give you the elasticity and resiliency you need backed by 24/7 global support.

Partner on your path forward

Rhapsody partners with you to help you avoid data integration roadblocks. We will always be honest with you about what’s possible and keep up with your fast-paced market demands.

Quickly onboard new customers

Rhapsody can help you easily scale as your company grows.

Earn trust with proven integration

Tried and tested security, redundancy, high-availability, and disaster recovery capabilities.

Remove friction

Rhapsody helps you move data into and out of your solution to achieve reliable bi-directional data flow that pushes and pulls, reads and writes.

Fully managed data integration

By enabling secure data exchange from any source to any destination in any format through fully managed interoperability, including installation, monitoring, maintenance, and turnkey API connectors — patient data access becomes effortless.

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Supercharge your solution

Integrate identity data management directly into your products to help differentiate them in a competitive market.

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Flexibility, scalability, and agility

With the Rhapsody Integration Engine running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can realize all the benefits of an engine designed for developers alongside the advantages of the cloud.

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Healthcare data exchange, simplified

Corepoint deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and hosted by our team of experts means you get a best-in-KLAS(R) (since 2009!) user experience and the security, resiliency, and availability that comes with a cloud solution.

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Interactive guide

Slay the interoperability dragons that block your go-live

A guide for building healthcare connections that won’t leave you burnt out.

Data security is patient safety

Rhapsody® health solutions are trusted by 1,700+ healthcare organizations around the world, in part because of our commitment to data privacy and security. We have experience complying with complex regulations around the world. In addition to HIPAA and GDPR, there are country-, region-, provincial-, and state-specific regulations and certifications that we stay on top of to ensure compliance for ourselves and our customers.

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