Expanding health data exchange

Build solutions to share data across your community

Flexible solutions from Rhapsody can power new use cases for health data, reaching providers, payers, and the public sector.

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Simplify health data exchange, including unstructured data

Rhapsody health solutions help HIEs navigate across healthcare data standards and participant vocabularies, including integrating unstructured data, such as chart notes.

Know your people with a proven and trusted EMPI

Rhapsody EMPI helps ensure person data is accurate and current, supporting your partners’ informed care and outreach.

Scale your HIE as needed

Adapt and grow data exchange, so your HIE or QHIN can accelerate improvements to healthcare delivery and public health.

Introduce APIs for faster digital health connectivity

Integrate data from a wide range of sources and introduce API-driven data connectivity with user-friendly FHIR capabilities.

Power health outreach

With Rhapsody health solutions, HIEs gain a foundation for analytics and outreach programs, helping their partners to improve health equity.

Integrate SDOH data

Rely on Rhapsody health solutions to integrate your chosen data sources for social determinants of health, contributing to partner initiatives in a meaningful and differentiated way.

Onboard new data exchange partners

Deploy Rhapsody health solutions to launch data-sharing with new partners beyond provider organizations, including public sector agencies, community organizations, and national data exchanges.

Respond to public health emergencies

Proven Rhapsody health solutions help HIEs and public health teams manage timely responses to public health crises.


Leading health data-sharing

Leaders of ManifestMedex and HealthInfoNet join Rhapsody Chief Strategy Officer Drew Ivan to discuss how their organizations fill gaps in health data and pioneer new use cases with their partners.


Proven solutions for health information exchange

Flexibility and range for health data integrations

Rhapsody Integration Engine gives your team a flexible toolkit and an infinitely configurable platform for health data integration, while you launch new initiatives and partnerships.

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Exchange accurate identity data for each and every person

Rhapsody EMPI resolves patient identity inconsistencies so you can confidently develop analytics and deliver accurate information to support quality patient care.

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Supporting HIE leaders

“The Rhapsody EMPI on AWS has been a foundational tool in supporting our network’s digital maturity and fostering an integrated approach to community health”

Cody Johansen

Director, HIE Services, Utah Health Information Network (UHIN)

“With Rhapsody, we are able to match patient data at an enterprise level and connect the dots from various stakeholders across the community to support value-based care delivery and positively influence the health of our citizens.”

Kim Chaundy

Senior Director of Operations at KeyHIE (Pennsylvania)

“It only took about a week and a half to stand up our COVID dashboard, and that’s largely due to how well we have been able to identify individuals and match their data. Our robust matching system from Rhapsody was key for standing up the dashboard quickly and making sure it keeps running smoothly as long as we need it to.”

Kevin Conway

Data Integrity Manager at CyncHealth (Nebraska, Iowa)

Data security is patient safety

Rhapsody® health solutions are trusted by 1,700+ healthcare organizations around the world, in part because of our commitment to data privacy and security. We have experience complying with complex regulations around the world. In addition to HIPAA and GDPR, there are country-, region-, provincial-, and state-specific regulations and certifications that we stay on top of to ensure compliance for ourselves and our customers.

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