Which EHR companies do we integrate with? All of them.

The power of Rhapsody health solutions and services is that we truly can securely connect from any source to any destination and in any format. Below are some of EHRs that we connect to and from. This list is not all inclusive and does not limit implementations of EHR connections and interface types that are not included here.

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Rhapsody health solutions has more than 20 years of history working with Epic and their customers. Epic selected Corepoint Integration Engine for health data integration within Garden Plot, Epic’s SaaS model for independent medical groups.

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More than 300 Cerner hospitals discovered that Corepoint Integration Engine is instrumental in integrating both on-premise and cloud-based applications.

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CGM Medico

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Accelerate and simplify data integration

Data integrations are complex yet critical to success. Rhapsody health solutions can help you integrate from any source, to any destination, in any format, keeping personal health information secure.

Use any data standard or transport method

Use the best standard for each data acquisition and stay flexible in building interfaces to adapt to variations in how they’re deployed.

Connect with any healthcare organization

Share data with providers, payers, and health IT vendors around the world to enable rapid, reliable, and scalable interoperability, vertically and horizontally, on-premises or in the cloud.

Earn customers’ trust on security

Compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, GDPR, NZ Privacy Act 2020, and The AUS Privacy Act, vary from region to region. We can ensure you comply no matter where you’re connecting data.

Customer-proven results

Ensuring customers are successful is our highest priority.

“Other interoperability solutions we found didn’t offer the flexibility to integrate with the variety of platforms used in the communities we serve. Rhapsody offers the flexible technology and the service level that we require from a partner – they are serious about helping us succeed.”

Eric Peebles

Chief technology officer, Clinify

“Being able to develop integrations with a week of development time instead of three months cuts our upfront cost and makes our clients more profitable.”

Chris Burch

Senior director of information systems, Med USA

“All that magic behind the scenes — Rhapsody Envoy makes it happen.”

Mike Hawn

SVP Data services & product solutions, BioIntelliSense

Start building your solutions today

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