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Qventus achieves 10X performance and reduces customer onboarding time by 50%





Organization type

Healthcare technology company


– Increased efficiency and scalability


– Improved data quality and machine learning model accuracy by being able to process and ingest large files in an hour instead of days


– Minimized technical debt, enhanced security and reduced IT burden by upgrading a multi- integration engine architecture to a single integration engine


– Gained resiliency from a cloud-hosted solution and realized significant cost savings in a matter of months after implementation and retirement of legacy integration engine hosting

The customer


For more than a decade, Qventus has been at the forefront as a provider of AI-based software automating care operations in both OR and inpatient settings. By deeply understanding the challenges faced by healthcare providers and applying modern technologies and principles proven in other industries, Qventus empowers care teams to make smarter decisions and optimize patient flow, while reducing cognitive load on team members and improving the patient experience. Qventus solutions not only deliver meaningful returns but have also recently achieved the highest KLAS rating, creating a competitive edge for clients, including health systems, independent hospitals, and academic medical centers. By integrating with EHRs, the Qventus platform leverages AI, machine learning, and behavioral science to predict operational bottlenecks, recommend remedies, and automate processes. Explore more at

The challenges

Scalability and efficiency to meet growing customer demand

Qventus believes world-class healthcare requires world-class operations. Without Qventus, optimizing perioperative and patient discharge operations is a manual process that becomes increasingly difficult for leaders as their health systems expand with more patients and more providers to manage. These healthcare leaders turn to Qventus and their solutions for added support.

As AI adoption spurred rapid growth for Qventus, the company reached a point where the technology infrastructure could not scale to match customer growth. It became time- and labor-intensive for the IT team to connect new customer sites, configure interfaces, and manage the data received.

Adding to the IT pain and cost, Qventus had accumulated 20 separate instances of their legacy open-source integration engine, which became resource-intensive to manage and burdensome to monitor. The Qventus team did not have a single dashboard to monitor and maintain their 20 separate interface engine instances – each requiring independent OS patches, making a complex process even more complex.

Qventus plans on continuing their growth to serve more customers and more patients and needs a digital health enablement solution and partner capable of keeping pace with them. “As our company and customers grew, we needed an enterprise-scale solution that would help us better meet customer expectations,” said Jeremy Coleman, HL7 manager at Qventus.

The solution

Rhapsody Integration Engine and Rhapsody professional services

Qventus selected Rhapsody, a scalable integration solution, to better meet their organizational needs and growing customer demand. They also chose to rely on Rhapsody professional services to manage their infrastructure in the Rhapsody cloud.

“You’re only as robust as the tools you use,” said Coleman. “We need tools that support our business to have the same responsiveness that we want to create for our customers.”

The initial set-up and establishing connectivity to customer sites takes time. Once a connection is established with one care facility, using Rhapsody Integration Engine, it becomes easier and faster to replicate and begin data exchange to other facilities. Additionally, Rhapsody’s complete integration engine supports all necessary protocols, handles certificate management, and offers role-based control, further simplifying a complex process for Qventus.

With the Rhapsody Integration Engine on AWS in the Rhapsody cloud and professional services team, the Qventus team stays focused on onboarding customers instead of managing, maintaining and monitoring integration infrastructure.

The results

Meeting customer demand with 10X performance gains

Qventus completed numerous perioperative solution go-lives in 2023, which is more than they have ever completed in one year. While business nearly doubled year over year, the IT team only needed to grow by 40%. Ultimately, the staff can onboard an additional customer while maintaining a sustainable work-life balance.

The team now focuses on onboarding new customers faster and more efficiently because they offloaded the time-consuming IT infrastructure and security management to Rhapsody. The IT staff also focuses on higher-value work, such as innovating their solutions or ensuring data quality.

100+ messages processed per second

Accelerated customer onboarding by 4+ weeks

10X performance improvement

To achieve meaningful results from machine learning algorithms, the data needs to be high-quality. Qventus relies on Rhapsody to help provide high-quality data and more fine-tuned machine learning models. If Qventus or a customer finds inconsistency in a dataset, Qventus makes a modification and Rhapsody reingests the data – in a matter of minutes or seconds. Previously, this effort took days.

With Rhapsody’s enterprise grade solution, Qventus processes over 100 messages a second – 10X the performance of their legacy solution. This comes with improved reliability, security and monitoring.

“We can’t beat the performance that we achieve with Rhapsody. We’re processing files in less than an hour with Rhapsody. This would have taken days in the previous environment.”

Jeremy Coleman

HL7 Manager, Qventus

Saving cost and reducing IT burden through cloud technologies

Running on AWS, Qventus now has the reliable, scalable, and secure solution they sought. Coleman shared that migrating to Rhapsody resulted in tremendous cost savings. Also, Qventus no longer has to worry about performing system upgrades because Rhapsody experts seamlessly manage them.

“Updating the integration environment is hard,” explained Coleman, “because there is so much disruption and so much time and coordination among teams to do it.”

Infrastructure cost reduced by 15% per customer per month

Staff can onboard an additional customer concurrently while maintaining sustainable work-life balance

Consolidated 20 dashboards into a single, user-friendly interface

Qventus saves time and resources, onboarding customers faster by using Rhapsody’s centralized enterprise management capabilities.  Ultimately, Qventus measures success by the value they provide their customers – and their customers’ patients. Health systems can complete more surgeries with the same number of resources. They decrease the number of days patients spend in the hospital.

Ready to improve your system performance, reduce costs, and alleviate staff burden?

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