Create confident person identity data across your ecosystem

Designed to be flexible enough to meet you where you are. Rhapsody EMPI is a proven, best-of-breed enterprise master person index (EMPI) designed to facilitate real-time data exchange. This solution helps improve the clinician experience, accelerate time to onboarding post M&A, and help providers tackle targeted engagement initiatives.

Data transparency

A 360° view of each person across disparate systems, a clear line of site to data history, and optional data stewardship help improve patient and clinician experiences.

Integration expertise

Supported by the powerful Rhapsody Integration Engine, EMPI makes it easy to connect with data sources throughout your organization.

Built for scale

Rhapsody EMPI is deployed around the world, driven by an extensible data model that can support a wide range of requirements and grow along with your organization.

Why your EHR patient identity solution is not enough

Decades of experience results in a identity data management solution that creates a single, centralized and reliable view that can be shared upstream and down. Choose the EMPI designed to improve data quality while connecting healthcare.

1. An enterprise unique identifier (EUID) is assigned to each person 

The unique identifier links records from an unlimited number of sources to support at 360-degree understanding of each person. This resolves identity inconsistencies from one system to the next.  

2. Trusted person data is aggregated into a single best view 

Tailored to your unique population, this record can be shared and creates a link to each record about the person. 

3. The EMPI is configured to meet your requirements 

Data variations or inconsistencies are automatically identified. 

4. Data inconsistencies are resolved or highlighted 

When data variations are intentional, related records are linked, duplicates are found, and records that may benefit from data stewardship are spotlighted. 

5. Data stewards may engage per your organizational policy 

An intuitive user interface supports and helps automate data stewardship workflows. 

Easy deployment, unquestioned security 

  • Go live in no time. Out-of-the-box connectivity to Rhapsody Integration Engine speeds time to go live.  
  • Well-documented APIs. Use the extensive API toolkit to rapidly integrate the EMPI with the rest of your enterprise.
  • Secure and certified. Available as a HITRUST, and ISO 27001 certified managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) 

Customer-proven results

Rhapsody EMPI has saved KeyHIE 743 hours of manual remediation labor per month and reduced the duplicate record rate to below 1%

“After a great deal of due diligence, we came to the conclusion that Rhapsody offers the most mature and robust EMPI solution on the market.”

Tom Visotsky

Chief Commercial Officer, MedAllies

“The outcome of the RSD project acknowledges the strong partnership between Queensland Health, Alcidion and Rhapsody and realizes the benefits of our combined expertise to successfully deliver this key component of the Queensland Health iRMS program.”

Kate Quirke

Managing Director, Alcidion

“Rhapsody’s rigorous process of identity matching ensures we stay on top of data quality as the new systems are integrated – our ultimate aim is to encompass all episodes of care. Connecting Care is now seen as strategically important in the digital agenda and fulcrum to the transition plans for health and social care locally.”

Jocelyn Palmer

Connecting Care – Greater Bristol, UK


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