About Rhapsody and what we value

Committed to connecting healthcare

Rhapsody® is on a mission to connect people to improve health outcomes. Formed on the foundation of two Best in KLAS® interoperability solutions, Corepoint® Integration Engine and Rhapsody Integration Engine, we are building the future of interoperability. We value each other and we value our customers, read on to learn more.

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Put others first

We are a people-focused organization. We strive to put the needs of others first and to be of service wherever we can.

Be curious

We believe that maintaining a sense of wonder is crucial to creativity and innovation. We look for ways to nurture curiosity to fuel learning and discovery.

Be (purpose) driven

We innovate for a purpose beyond our products and services.

Stay optimistic

We encourage positivity, happiness, and gratitude among our people and customers.

Our team

Sagnik Bhattacharya

Chief Executive Officer

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Drew Ivan

Drew Ivan

Chief Strategy and Product Officer

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Jeff Chiumiento

Chief Financial Officer

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Michelle Blackmer

Michelle Blackmer

Chief Marketing Officer

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Merritt McGowan

Merritt McGowan

Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, Company Secretary

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Pioneering healthcare interoperability for over two decades

Interoperability is in Rhapsody’s DNA. We were built by interoperability experts who helped steer HL7 and are advancing FHIR. While we were there at the beginning, we’ve also invested in staying current and simplifying over time.

Orion Health founded as Orion Systems 
NeoTool founded
Rhapsody Integration Engine released
NeoTool rebranded as Corepoint Health
Rhapsody separates from Orion Health
Jan. 2019
Co-creation Lab started 
July 2019
Rhapsody and Corepoint Merge
Feb. 2021
Acquisition of Datica Integrate
April 2021
New product announcements: Rhapsody as a Managed Service and Rhapsody API Gateway
March 2022
Merger with NextGate Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI)
August 2022
Merger with CareCom

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