Create a better care experience

Empower your team to do what they do best – deliver unmatched health services through better data and stronger insights.


savings with improved operational efficiencies


reduction in interface development time

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More Epic

customers choose Rhapsody than any other integration solution

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Infrastructure cost with cloud migration

Accelerate digital health adoption

Modern data exchange for modern healthcare

Better understand patient health by breaking down data silos. Give communities the healthcare experience they deserve without overspending, overburdening clinicians, or hiring excessively.

Reduce clinician and staff burden

Automate manual processes, eliminate inaccurate or duplicate identity data, and deliver insights within workflows.

Elevate consumer experience

Streamline care coordination and patient engagement by building your best-of-breed digital environment.

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Expand patient care delivery reach

Quickly integrate digital health solutions for seamless virtual or in-office care, through on-demand, API data access.

Do more with less

Optimize budget and resources with API, HL7 ® FHIR ®, and custom integration solutions.

Reduce technical debt

Modernize data, eliminate silos, and enhance security for seamless access to information from any source.

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Choose how you deploy

Flexible deployment options meet you where you are – in your cloud, hosted in ours, or as an iPaaS.

Customer-proven, powerful workflows

Best in KLAS® since 2009


Great Lakes Medical Imaging boosts order volume by 30% with Corepoint Integration and Rhapsody EMPI.

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NHS Royal Berkshire

Royal Berkshire estimates Rhapsody helped reduce critical alerts by about 30%.

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SimonMed achieves faster diagnoses, better time-to-revenue with Corepoint Integration.

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Rhapsody Integration

Flexible, scalable integration for developers. Designed for robust, reliable acquisition and exchange of data.

Corepoint Integration

No code-required integration for analysts. A simpler, more comprehensive approach to interoperability.

Rhapsody EMPI

Accurate, consistent identity data. Link records for a comprehensive view of a person’s health journey.

Rhapsody Semantic

Code set mapping. Structure and normalize data across disparate systems for a single source of truth.

Patient safety relies on data security

Over 1,700 healthcare organizations worldwide trust Rhapsody because we prioritize data privacy and security. We’re experienced in meeting complex regulations globally, including HIPAA and GDPR, and various country, region, province, and state-specific rules and certifications. You can count on us to keep your data compliant and secure, no matter where you operate.

Clear the way for better data integration with Rhapsody

1,700+ healthcare teams in 31 countries trust Rhapsody. Connect with an interoperability specialist to discover why.