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Understanding the total cost of ownership of healthcare integrations

Today, there is no easy and repeatable path to EHR integration for the growing number of use cases that require it. Healthcare integration projects can have many hidden pitfalls and unexpected challenges.

There are different approaches you can take to read from, and write data back into, EHRs. You can:

  • Build the integrations yourself
  • Buy an on-premises integration engine and manage the integrations yourself
  • Or take the new, more modern approach of using a cloud-based integration engine or API that is backed by a full project management and implementation team

Whichever path you choose, this down-to-earth guide will help you figure out the costs of EHR data integration. The guide covers:

  • Who you need on the team
  • A typical project plan
  • The cost of getting things wrong at the start
  • The hidden costs of infrastructure in healthcare
  • What to watch for during testing and implementation
  • What to watch for during go-lives
  • The costs of ongoing maintenance and uptime

Sharpen your pencil and start calculating the costs now. Download the free guide.

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