Why a provider data management solution is important

Provider data is difficult to manage. It’s fragmented, often inaccurate and incomplete, and burdensome to maintain manually. Having accurate provider data drives many of your most important business functions and outcomes. From speeding revenue cycles and regulatory reporting to patient experience and business analytics, accurate provider data matters.

Improved reporting and decision-making

Your organization’s regulatory reporting, business analysis, and advanced analytics (think AI and ML) functions require accurate data to deliver quality insights. Provider Registry helps ensure that each data source supporting these functions has access to accurate provider data. 

Increased claims/billing processing speed

Equipped with a complete record for each provider, HIM teams are able to help ensure claims are accurate before they’re submitted, improving revenue cycle timelines and reducing the number of denied claims.

Better support for patient-facing initiatives

Your customers expect to interact with accurate provider data throughout their patient journey. Support positive patient experiences and reduce patient attrition by feeding your digital front door and patient engagement initiatives with accurate provider data.

More productive employees

Increase your team’s productivity by alleviating the manual burden of collecting and mastering provider information. Provider Registry automates tasks such as integrating information from CMS, credentialing databases, financial systems, and other external locations as well as your organization’s internal sources of physician data.

How does Rhapsody Provider Registry work?

Built with the same technology that powers Rhapsody EMPI, Rhapsody Provider Registry simplifies the process of turning fragmented and incomplete provider data into a single set of data for each provider that is current, complete, accurate, and accessible.

Aggregate and standardize data from multiple sources

Provider data source systems such as your EHRs, marketing systems, credentialing systems, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are tapped to collect all existing data for each provider.

Create a single best record for each provider

This data is transformed into a “single best record” for each provider and assigned a unique ID to be used across the enterprise (EUID).

Deliver accurate provider data across your organization

Provider Registry is powered by market-leading Rhapsody interoperability solutions to ensure accurate provider data is connected to your entire data ecosystem.

Provider data by the numbers:

$2.76 billion was
assessed by the CAQH (2019) in annual costs to US physician practices to maintain directories.

A 2018 CMS report showed the average Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAO) inaccuracy rate by location was almost 45%. CMS assesses fines if published directories contain inaccurate provider information.

48% of provider records in CMS’ National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) registry were found to be inaccurate.

58% of provider records in Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS) were found to be inaccurate, according to Medicare data.

Data security is patient safety

Rhapsody® health solutions are trusted by 1,700+ healthcare organizations around the world, in part because of our commitment to data privacy and security. We have experience complying with complex regulations around the world. In addition to HIPAA and GDPR, there are country-, region-, provincial-, and state-specific regulations and certifications that we stay on top of to ensure compliance for ourselves and our customers.

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