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Easily and securely share exams everywhere they need to be

Rhapsody Envoy offer a lightweight and flexible solution for managing imaging workflows across any system or location, reducing imaging data silos and gaps in DICOM related efficiencies.

Organize image routing

Protect the integrity of image workflows with built-in TLS encryption, safeguarding non-VPN imaging exchange even if source and definition systems do not.

Reduce infrastructure expense

By normalizing legacy imaging objects across systems, DICOM managed interfaces eliminate replacement as the only option to support new and emerging standards. Deploy on-premises or in the cloud, attach to an existing integration solution, or implement standalone.

Increase efficiencies

Eliminate the need for clinical users to spend time searching by automating delivery to selected destinations and simplifying DICOM workflows across separate systems.

DICOM proxying, routing, and complex metadata normalization based on customer specifications

  1. Simple image routing

    Central declaration and naming of devices for easy image routing to PACS of choice from one central platform. This enables automatic retry and failure notification.

  2. Cloud forwarding

    Designed to connect with cloud hosted PACS or PACs archives to easily adopt to your evolving PACs strategy and remove technical limitations.

  3. Global tag mapping

    Route images per scanner and organization by pre-fix header and sort studies by the responsible organization. DICOM managed interfaces optimize network traffic and capacity while creating the best reading access for radiologists.

  4. Study prefetch

    Enable remote reading with ready access to all relevant prior studies available at the time of reading. Uniquely, relevance can be defined by individual scanner, protocol, or site. This saves an average of 5 minutes per study time and reduces IT overhead.

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