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Purpose-built healthcare API Gateway

Maintain and monitor API traffic at scale. Partner with Rhapsody for efficient management API workflows across your enterprise.

Future proof compliance

Providing a single API entry point to control security for all REST based traffic plus share data while investing less time to establish and maintain API connections today and in the future.

Speed development

Usher in the era of APIs by building a foundational architecture that supports swift and scalable data connectivity and monitoring.

Secure communication

Gain peace of mind and enable protection against cyber security threats with secure, globally compliant exchange of sensitive healthcare data.

Enable the flexibility and repeatability necessary to meet interoperability demands

  1. Best in class security tools

    Ensure audit compliance by putting protection in front of APIs. On demand audit trails reveal detailed reporting on logging and data access including person, date and time. Industry standard authentication methods support SmartOnFHIR, OAuth 2.0, and Basic auth.

  2. Effective issue management

    Visualize current status to help you identify and resolve issues quickly. Status/visibility updates include: gateway monitor, transaction logs, deployment logs, and graphical metrics.

  3. Seamless integration with Rhapsody services

    Save time with its seamless integration with existing integration engine(s) for robust message request and response processing and transformation.

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Comply with the CMS Final Rule for patient access quickly and securely with a purpose-built API gateway solution.

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Healthcare delivery organizations

Extend the power of your integration engine to manage API communication and authentication.

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Public health

Rapidly onboard and secure APIs then translate them to the language most consumable for your downstream systems.

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Health technology solutions

Put the right data into the hands of people who need it so they can communicate effortlessly across the entire healthcare ecosystem.


Breaking down interoperability barriers is possible through APIs

An introduction to APIs and how they can help solve health IT’s biggest interoperability challenges

Data security is patient safety

Rhapsody® health solutions are trusted by 1,700+ healthcare organizations around the world, in part because of our commitment to data privacy and security. We have experience complying with complex regulations around the world. In addition to HIPAA and GDPR, there are country-, region-, provincial-, and state-specific regulations and certifications that we stay on top of to ensure compliance for ourselves and our customers.

Start building your solutions today

Connect with one of our interoperability specialists to learn how Rhapsody can help you deliver better healthcare.