Using Rhapsody as a FHIR façade (Part Three)

Dr. David Hay continues his deep-dive into Rhapsody and FHIR.

Enabling the Ecosystem with FHIR

How can healthcare information be made available, where and when it is needed?

FHIR for Clinicians

In this paper we will discuss what a clinician needs to know about FHIR to be able to knowledgeably participate in these projects.

Smart adding Security to FHIR APIs

How to maximize security by adding SMART(s) to your FHIR APIs

Supporting safe access to data, enabling the open healthcare ecosystem.

Using Rhapsody as a FHIR Façade (Part Two)

Dr. David Hay continues his deep-dive into Rhapsody and FHIR.

What Happens When Things Finally Catch FHIR? 3 Lingering Questions

As the industry began to evaluate the landscape that ultimately lead to the initiation of FHIR as a standard, it recognized some of the limitations the way healthcare information has been exchanged.

How Can You Create a Secure FHIR Ecosystem?

FHIR focuses on decreasing interoperability costs and unlocking technical innovation in healthcare, and it does this by supporting an ecosystem of information providers and consumers via open APIs.

Using Rhapsody as a FHIR façade (Part One)

Dr. David Hay deep-dives into Rhapsody and FHIR.

Five key innovations in telehealth today

Telehealth has grown to become a key concept in healthcare delivery, using technology to build bridges between patients and the care they need.

From FHIR profiling through to coping with different FHIR versions

FHIR aims to speed application development and interoperability, plus boost information sharing in healthcare, especially on mobile platforms.

What is a FHIR Connectathon? And how do these events evolve this health IT standard?

Part of the reason why FHIR has gained such a large following in a short time has been the focus on involving the implementer community in the design and evolution of the standard.

FHIR is now Release 3! So what does that actually mean?

Rather than a single organization developing a standard for use by implementers, it has been developed from the very beginning by the community that is actually using it.

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