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Achieve a comprehensive person record with Rhapsody EMPI

Having a comprehensive view of each person’s health journey is foundational for digital health innovation and critical to improving outcomes. Connecting disparate systems and bringing together data from a variety of sources is important, but it’s not enough. Healthcare organizations need to trust that the records are accurately matched to the right person.  

That’s where Rhapsody® EMPI technology comes in, enabling healthcare organizations to know their patients better. By associating records across disparate systems, an Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) forms a single, comprehensive record that is accurate for each person. This record is used throughout the organization which helps improve care coordination, patient engagement, and health outcomes.   

We’re excited to announce a new release of this product. Rhapsody Identity version 12.0 is now available! To continue supporting our customers and their communities, version 12.0 makes it easier to pull in vital social determinants of health (SDOH) data for a more complete view of the patient’s situation. It also minimizes the burden on staff who use the tool and those who manage it. Read on for more details about version 12.0.   

Watch our webinar on-demand to learn more about the lastest Rhapsody EMPI release.

Health Equity

According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, health equity was ranked as one of the top three organizational priorities by 58% of polled healthcare professionals, only second to patient safety by one percent.1 The same study found the top barrier to advancing health equity initiatives is inconsistent collection of equity-related data.  

Rhapsody understands the importance of associating SDOH data to drive health equity initiatives forward. With version 12.0, customers can now gather social vulnerability risk levels based on SDOH data via APIs, associate this data with person records via outbound notifications, and view the data face-up when needed.  

Where a person lives and their specific conditions can influence up to 80% of their health outcomes.2 With this product enhancement, it’s easier for healthcare organizations to gather, share, and take action to advance health equity.  

Data Visualization and Analytics

Customers have mentioned the need to understand the state of their data quality and duplication when it comes to identity data resolution. In version 12.0, the new homepage dashboard gives an immediate, clear picture of the value that EMPI is bringing to your organization.  It also provides more intuitive navigation throughout the application. 

Initial Containerization Support 

Version 12.0 introduces the capability to deploy EMPI as a container, aligning with modern IT infrastructure best practices. Deploying as a container enables optimization for provisioning, scaling, security, upgrading, and patching. We’ve simplified provisioning, allowing the use of container images to do so in a matter of seconds. Organizations can scale up or down based on demand through dynamic clusters of nodes, also decreasing vulnerability risks. Upgrading and patching via containers will streamline these processes and ensure efficient delivery for customers.  

Performance Enhancements

In addition, Rhapsody is always looking to improve and enhance user experience and performance in our tools. In version 12.0, users will experience faster issue resolution and task management that can help streamline processes, create efficiencies, and boost productivity. 

Rhapsody is building connections for a healthier world and doing so through a single, comprehensive and accurate patient record. Contact us to learn more and for a demo.   

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