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Webinar: Unlock efficiency and innovation: Explore Rhapsody solution enhancements

Access an interactive webinar to learn about Rhapsody’s Interoperability Suite solution releases and how they enable you to gain efficiencies and accelerate innovation.


What: Interactive webinar 

In the midst of rising costs, shrinking budgets, and less staff, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to increase efficiency. Access an interactive webinar to learn more about the latest Rhapsody solution enhancements and how they increase value for you and your customers. 

We covered: 

  • Why Rhapsody’s digital health enablement platform is the technology foundation health leaders need to solve challenges and accelerate innovation 
  • How Rhapsody EMPI enables you to pull social determinants of health data into each person’s comprehensive record while streamlining provisioning, upgrading, patching, and scaling 
  • A straightforward approach to simplify clinical code mapping with your Rhapsody Integration Engine 

Meet the speakers:

Drew Ivan, chief strategy officer, Rhapsody 

Drew’s focus is on corporate strategy. His experience includes over 20 years in health IT, working with a wide spectrum of customers, including public HIEs, IDNs, payers, life sciences companies, and software vendors, with the goal of improving outcomes and reducing costs by aggregating and analyzing clinical, claims, and cost data. 

Lynn Stoltz, senior product manager for identity, Rhapsody 

Lynn has more than seven years of healthcare IT experience in both product management and physician optimization implementations of the Oracle Health (formerly Cerner) EHR. As the senior product manager for identity solutions at Rhapsody, Lynn is passionate about data-proven results for customers and identifying the right features and improvements for the identity management space. 

Dan Rice, product marketing manager, Rhapsody 

With a background in engineering and software development, Dan has spent much of the last decade working on different efforts related to digital transformation and process improvement in healthcare.  As a product marketing manager at Rhapsody, he is energized by the opportunities presented by a connected and data enriched healthcare world and the ways Rhapsody can help. 

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