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SimonMed achieves faster diagnoses, better time-to-revenue with Corepoint Integration Engine


SimonMed Imaging


Scottsdale, Arizona


150 accredited, ACR-RADSITE certified facilities across 9 states


200+ subspecialty trained radiologists


Scaling to 1550+ EMRs handling 10,000+ exams a day


Organization type

The largest physician-owned outpatient radiology practice in the U.S.

The customer:

SimonMed Imaging

SimonMed Imaging is the largest physician-owned outpatient radiology practice in the U.S. With 200 subspecialty trained radiologists working at 150+ accredited facilities in nine states, SimonMed uses the latest technology to provide earlier and more accurate diagnoses.

The challenge:

10,000+ daily orders, hundreds of formats

SimonMed processes more than 10,000 orders per day. Requests come in an astounding variety of formats, through 1,300 EMRs, and via faxes that must be converted to EMR records. No matter the format, referring physicians need answers quickly to properly diagnose their patients.

Chief Information Officer Duleep Wikramanayake explains, “No RIS (radiology information system) has 100% of the functionality a radiology group needs,” so each customizes their system with unique formats and fields. Add in ever-evolving HL7 standards and the data sharing challenge grows extraordinarily complex.

For years, SimonMed used BizTalk to manage the data, but the capabilities were lacking and the non-standard interfaces created confusion. Troubleshooting was difficult, frustrating and expensive — and support is scheduled to end entirely.

The solution:

Corepoint Integration Engine

For 15 years across previous roles, Duleep had used Corepoint Integration Engine. When he joined SimonMed and began exploring how to improve data flows between SimonMed and providers, he turned again to Corepoint.

No matter which RIS, fields or format a provider uses, Corepoint can ingest the data. Onboarding new EMRs is easy — Duleep notes that it takes “half an hour, rather than dragging on three weeks.” As a result, SimonMed radiologists can provide diagnoses with minimal disruption.

Even the HL7 integration is flawless. “Finally, somebody made HL7 easy,” Duleep says. “Now I can be the middleman and control anything.”

And as issues arise, Duleep and his team can get answers quickly from Corepoint’s prompt, always-helpful support.

“With Corepoint, now we can say, ‘Just send it the way it is,’ and everyone is happy.”

Duleep Wikramanayake

Chief Information Officer for SimonMed Imaging


Faster time-to-revenue, improved patient outcomes

The SimonMed team is scaling to support 1,550 EMR integrations for 10,000+ daily tests, all via Corepoint. Meanwhile, Corepoint’s APIs are powering several of SimonMed’s own custom apps to streamline billing and improve processes.

Through these custom apps, Corepoint data can help identify the 10 to 20% of records missing critical billing information — improving time-to-revenue.

Corepoint also helps SimonMed link multiple exams from the same patient, giving radiologists a more comprehensive understanding of the patient. And with seamless integrations, exams move more quickly through the system so providers can deliver faster diagnoses.

In fact, the Corepoint-driven improvements are so valuable that SimonMed often pays for the infrastructure to bring more providers online. With simple onboarding, it’s a smart investment that improves efficiency, billing and patient outcomes.

Leverage the Corepoint API to create custom apps

Easily add new sources, scaling to 1550+ EMRs

Aggregate data to improve efficiency, billing and patient care

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