Components include the Rhapsody Engine, Rhapsody Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Management Console, Rhapsody Mobile app, Rhapsody Dashboard & Management Console, IHE Toolkit, Messaging and Mapping Tools, Disclosures.


The Rhapsody Engine (Engine) is the main messaging service of the Rhapsody product suite. It accepts messages from external systems, processes the messages within the Engine, and sends them to external systems.

Security is of primary concern and is built into every part of the product, with a view to safeguarding any protected health information that passes through the engine.

Rhapsody IDE

The Rhapsody Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a Windows®-based application that provides a graphical user interface for rapidly creating and editing Rhapsody configurations. The IDE enables the interface designer to create, view and modify configurations in a graphical drag-and-drop environment.

Management Console

The Management Console is a web-based application, designed to reduce time spent on day-to-day monitoring and management and provide troubleshooting.

It displays information on the system status and state of message processing in the Engine. The Management Console highlights problems such as system connections that are not operating and interfaces that are not keeping up with the required throughput.

Rhapsody Mobile

Rhapsody Mobile is a free mobile app for Apple iOS and Android that provides a subset of the monitoring capability available from the Management Console. It provides users an up-to-the-minute view of the health of an Engine and its connected network, anytime, anywhere. Rhapsody Mobile empowers administrators, who are on the move or do not have access to a computer, to stay on top of Rhapsody issues.

Rhapsody Dashboard

Rhapsody Dashboard enables administrators to monitor multiple Engines deployed across development, test and production environments.

The Dashboard provides a real-time health status and alert function for Engines and links to the Management Console for more detailed information.

IHE Toolkit

The IHE toolkit is an optional extra that can simplify the implementation of IHE profiles with patient registries and repositories.

The toolkit includes:

  • Purpose-built Rhapsody components
  • Sample configuration
  • Documentation

The toolkit supports the following IHE profiles:

  • XDR
  • XDS
  • PIX
  • PDQ
  • ATNA

Messaging and Mapping Tools

Mapping from virtually any format to another is easy with Rhapsody Messaging Toolkit. Simply drag a component from one pane (e.g., HL7®) to its equivalent in another pane (e.g., XML) and the code creating the map is automatically generated in a third pane.

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Rhapsody has ONC Health IT Certification (2014 Edition)

®Health Level Seven, HL7, FHIR and the FHIR [FLAME DESIGN] are registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International, registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The use of these trademarks does not reflect HL7's endorsement.

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