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Flexible deployment options: Why it matters

Not every organization is ready to make the move to the cloud just yet. Many organizations continue to rely on on-prem or hybrid solutions. This limits the ability of solutions born in the cloud to be effective. While such offerings are optimized for the cloud, they often lack the ability to meet the requirements of organizations that intentionally operate with on-prem or hybrid strategies. Without flexible interoperability solutions, adaptability and compliance across platforms can be limited. 

Yet, organizations still need modern software solutions that provide infrastructure management, centralized data access, and monitoring. Working with a partner who understands digital transformation and delivers solutions that work in your current state and future state is crucial. 

While the cloud is part of the pathway moving forward, few organizations are operating completely in the cloud. 

Why healthcare organizations may not be 100% in the cloud 

Nearly every business utilizes cloud solutions. In healthcare, 73% of organizations are already using multiple public cloud vendors along with private cloud resources.  

However, even among those cloud-minded, there are still reasons why many have not moved everything into the cloud. It could be simply that they have yet to invest the time and resources it takes to migrate or that the right cloud solutions are not yet available. 

There are other contributing factors, such as: 

  • Some cloud deployments may not meet the regulatory standards for data privacy or data sharing across geographic borders. 
  • There are concerns about data security and privacy in a multi-tenant environment where vendor hardware is shared among clients. 
  • Organizations on occasion are wary of subscription services for hosting or utility-like pricing. 
  • There is a shortage of qualified cloud engineers to manage and optimize cloud environments, even when relying on a third party for hosting infrastructure. 

For many healthcare organizations, on-prem systems are working fine, and adopting new ways of networking introduces additional latency and costs. Since they have already built and paid for a data center and servers for other enterprise software, such as EHR systems, there is often little motivation to move. 

Rhapsody meets you where you are 

At Rhapsody, it is why we say, “we meet you where you are.” We offer flexible deployment options, self-hosted, cloud, or hybrid, that work for you regardless of how you deploy your infrastructure. At the same time, we offer the path forward, meaning you can utilize products that help you meet your objectives no matter the solutions are hosted — before, during, or after any cloud transformation you undergo. 

Rhapsody products have been on the market for a long time and were developed in an on-prem world. While we have evolved to provide robust cloud options and support, we still maintain and support on-prem solutions, so we can deploy in any environment you choose for complete interoperability. 

Flexible Deployment Options 

Rhapsody solutions work on-prem or in the cloud with the interoperability you need for a seamless deployment and future-proof infrastructure. 

Interoperability as a fully managed service 

We handle the infrastructure operations and interface development, so your team can stay focused on innovation. Our experts configure, develop, and manage your infrastructure and interfaces. You can achieve faster time to value by outsourcing these services to us. 

This solution is best for organizations with limited IT and integration resources or prefer to keep their team focused on core capabilities rather than integrations. 

Interoperability as a service 

We host the infrastructure on our AWS cloud instance, helping you ensure business continuity, scalability, and security. You manage the interfaces while leveraging our resources for reliable and secure scaling at a lower cost of ownership. 

Teams who do not have access to IT resources to manage and maintain infrastructure but do have interface developers and analysts to configure and develop integrations may choose this option. 

Interoperability deployed as a hybrid solution 

Our team fully manages a portion of your business while your team continues the interface and development work in other areas. 

A hybrid solution works best in some cases when an organization is not 100% in the cloud, and there are factors at play that keep them in mixed mode for the foreseeable future.  Our team will help tailor fit the right interoperability cloud components into a hybrid environment based on your needs and goals for the future.  

Interoperability deployed by you 

You deploy the infrastructure on-premises or your own cloud, maintaining full control. This includes the development, maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting, and security of your integrations. The benefit is complete oversight of your infrastructure while leveraging the scalability and continuity of your own cloud environment. 

This solution works for organizations that do not want to outsource infrastructure or impact current operations, with large teams that prefer to take other responsibilities such as architecture, resiliency, monitoring, and security. 

Case studies 

Rhapsody has the architectural flexibility to meet customers where they are; many of our competitors do not. Here are three case studies to show how you can adapt Rhapsody to right-fit your infrastructure for interoperability. 

Rhapsody is a team of healthcare and interoperability experts to create custom solutions for your unique challenges. Whether you are starting your digital transition, mid-stream, or looking for a more efficient way to manage your deployment and infrastructure, our team will work closely with you to identify a strategic plan for the future. 

Our flexible solutions enable you to work the way you want to work and achieve your IO goals using any deployment model you prefer. At the same time, we offer migration pathways so that you do not need to worry about interoperability with your future state. 

From specialty clinics to large care networks, Rhapsody removes the limitations of single system viewpoints and disparate vendors for total interoperability. Reduce risk, improve transparency and control, and future-proof your healthcare organization. 

Request a demo today to see how Rhapsody can streamline your workflow. 

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