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CMS and ONC Rules: How’d We Get Here?

CMS and ONC Rules: How’d We Get Here?

On-demand video: Rhapsody experts provide historical and technical context for the ONC/CMS rules, including HIPAA, Meaningful Use, Promoting Interoperability, APIs, FHIR, and payer-to-payer interoperability. 

In March 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) — two divisions under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services — published what are known in the health IT industry as the final interoperability rules. 

Why paying attention to healthcare regulations matters. 

To help our customers and prospects understand how these two rules will impact their businesses, Rhapsody hosted an educational webinar. In it, we discussed details of the rules, who’s impacted and how, what the rules mean for different types of healthcare organizations, what they mean for the health IT industry, and next steps to ensure organizations have the technical capabilities to deliver data where it needs to go using the specified FHIR format. (Watch the CMS/ONC Webinar here.) 

And, as all good webinar hosts do, we took questions from the audience. 

Some of the questions we received centered on historical context for the rules. Others were about technical aspects regarding how data is transferred between healthcare organizations. 

They were all great questions and worthy of deeper discussion. To that end, we’ve put together another recording where we tapped different subject matter experts within Rhapsody to share their perspectives and to explain how the topics all relate. 

Here’s what we cover in this 35-minute video: 

  • Introduction and background about the ONC/CMS Rules, from Drew Ivan, Chief Product and Strategy Officer 
  • HIPAA and how it relates to the new rules, from Merritt McGowan, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer 
  • How Meaningful Use ties into the rules, from Jim Sdoia, Vice President of Product Management 
  • What is an API? From Scott Galbari, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Information Security Officer 
  • What is FHIR? From Sean Zitello, Director of the Co-Creation Lab 
  • Why payer-to-payer interoperability is important, from Jessica Nisenbaum, Chief People Officer 
  • How Rhapsody products enable compliance with the new rules, from Sonal N. Patel, Chief Customer Success Officer 

The video is conveniently broken up into chapters so you can skip around to the topics that interest you most, or just binge-watch the entire thing. 

CMS and ONC Rules: How’d We Get Here? on Vimeo 

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