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Webinar: Buy or Build: Scale to meet your growth goals with a proven EMPI 

View an interactive webinar with Monogram Health to learn the value of an EMPI and what to consider in your buy vs. build decision

What: Interactive webinar

Discover why Monogram Health chose to add an enterprise master person index (EMPI) to their data foundation ahead of scaling and growing the amount of patient data in their system. 

We cover: 

  • Monogram’s approach to the buy vs. build decision for an EMPI and integration 
  • The value of an enterprise master person index and how it can be a differentiator for healthcare technology organizations 
  • Why an interoperability partner is critical to achieving growth goals and accelerating time to value 
  • How Rhapsody sets customers up for success with a low effort, low risk implementation process 

About Monogram Health:  

To deliver increased access to affordable, personalized care for patients living with polychronic conditions, Monogram Health must match patient records from numerous health plans, provider EHRs, and internal systems, ensuring high-quality data is accessible for data scientists, clinicians, and care teams. 

Meet the speakers:

Cameron Kerber, VP of Application Development, Monogram Health 

With over 20 years in healthcare technology and biotech leadership, Cameron is a seasoned innovator. He’s dedicated to improving clinical practices and business strategies using technology, resulting in better outcomes and increased revenue. Leading agile teams for more than a decade, Cameron has successfully steered three organizations through digital transformations. He shifted their focus from projects to products, showcasing adaptable leadership in both startup and established enterprise settings within the healthcare industry. 

Michelle Blackmer, Chief Marketing Officer, Rhapsody 

Michelle is responsible for defining the go-to-market strategy and leading the marketing team at Rhapsody. Her passion for empowering health innovators with complete, connected data shapes the go-to-market messaging and helps grow mindshare. With 25 years of healthcare data management experience, Michelle thrives at the intersection of marketing, sales, product, and customers. Her curiosity and collaborative approach make Michelle a natural convener and trust builder — ensuring the voice of the customer is heard. Prior to Rhapsody, Michelle led healthcare marketing at Verato, Initiate Systems/IBM, Informatica, and CareEvolution. Michelle lives in the great Pacific Northwest. 

Lori Lauritzen, Engagement Manager, Rhapsody 

Lori is an Engagement Manager for the Rhapsody Cloud Services team.  With more than 20 years of experience in implementing healthcare solutions, Lori guides the customer through the cloud journey from initial implementation to future expansions by acting as a single point of contact for account management, support management, and project management throughout the partnership. 

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