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Viracor Eurofins

Viracor Eurofins improves operational efficiency with Corepoint Integration Engine

Viracor Eurofins is one of the top clinical diagnostic providers of clinical trial and specialty testing for hospitals and laboratories in the United States. Recently, they replaced their legacy interface engine with Corepoint Integration Engine to improve operational efficiencies, gain better monitoring, alerting, and overall performance to support their turnaround time goals.

The following Q&A with Bryan Harper, Viracor Eurofins Manager – IT Business Applications, offers insights about their implementation and use of Corepoint Integration Engine.

Q: First, can you summarize how Viracor uses Corepoint Integration Engine?

Bryan: At Viracor, we provide infectious disease, immunology and allergy testing to hospitals and reference labs all across the U.S., and one of the things that makes us different is that we provide rapid turnaround times for that testing, facilitated by transferring the results electronically to our clients. With the addition of Corepoint Integration Engine, we can monitor and manage all of those interfaces from a kind of “global dashboard,” and we can jump on issues before they impact operations in our lab, and more importantly to our downstream clients and patients.

Q: What were the workflow or business challenges that led to your purchase of Corepoint Integration Engine?

Bryan: We’re a very proactive organization, always looking for better processes or operational efficiencies. Our legacy interface engine had become somewhat limited, so we wanted to find an integration platform that addressed our operational needs, and enabled us to rapidly develop new interfaces with minimal resources.

Q: How did you decide upon selecting Corepoint Health?

Bryan: We did the all typical things. We did online research and had a copy of the KLAS report, and had demonstrations with a number of different vendors. We factored all of that into our evaluation, and with the alerting, monitoring, and source control provided, we determined Corepoint best aligned with our operational needs and turnaround time goals.

Q: How did your team find the learning curve for using Corepoint Integration Engine?

Bryan: We engaged Rhapsody’s Professional Services to help with our initial conversion, and their team member was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He trained our internal interface analysts as he did conversion work, and we actually came in under budget on that effort because we got up to speed and became self-sufficient in a short amount of time. In short, we were extremely happy with Rhapsody’s Professional Services.

Q: Finally, could you summarize the overall impact Corepoint Integration Engine has had for your team?

Bryan: We couldn’t be happier with the Corepoint engine. It’s extremely stable, and really does work great for us. Even If I gave up all the operational efficiencies that came with it, my team would still be ecstatic. It was a huge morale boost, just bringing in Corepoint Integration Engine. I mean, how often is it that you get to work with a product that actually makes your life easier and boosts morale?

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