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HL7 DFT Message

The DFT message describes a financial transaction that is sent to a billing system and is used for patient accounting purposes. This message might include things like ancillary charges or patient deposits, and is sent between the DSS/Order Filler and the Charge Processor. The DSS/Order Filler would then verify that the procedure had been completed.

Trigger events for the DFT-P03 message include:

  • Procedure ordered
  • Procedure scheduled
  • Procedure completed
  • Future will define Report events for professional fees

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The segments and groups of segments in the DFT-P03 message include the following:

MSHMessage headerRequired
EVNEvent typeRequired
PIDPatient identificationRequired
PID1Patient demographicsOptional
PV1Patient visitOptional
PV2Patient visit – additional infoOptional
DB1Disability segmentOptional, Repeatable
OBXObservationOptional, Repeatable

TransactionGroup – Repeatable group

FT1Financial transactionRequired

ProcedureGroup – Optional and Repeatable group, part of TransactionGroup

ROLRoleOptional, Repeatable

Additional segments, not part of a group

DG1DiagnosisOptional, Repeatable
DRGDiagnosis Related GroupOptional
GT1GuarantorOptional, Repeatable

InsuranceGroup – Optional and Repeatable group

IN2Insurance additional infoOptional
IN3Insurance additional info – certificationOptional

Additional segments, not part of a group


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