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The Value of Standout Customer Support

Think about the last time you had to call customer support. Was it a positive experience, or are you already dreading the next time you have to call? How did it affect your impression of the service or company?

You learn a lot about a company when you have to interact with their customer support. You quickly learn how well they live up to their claims of being on your side and their ability to deliver on the promises they made when trying to land your business.

No matter how good a product is, people will cut ties with an organization that leaves them feeling frustrated, undervalued, or misled. (Have you ever stopped frequenting restaurants with great food but poor service, or sacrificed a lower monthly bill to opt for a provider that doesn’t make you want to rip your hair out whenever you have a question about your account?)

In the healthcare IT industry, complicated ticketing systems (which often feel like the norm), leave customers wondering if they will ever get a callback or reach a resolution. Dead-end support scenarios from vendors force customers to use their own time and resources to come up with a solution or workaround. This is particularly damaging when the issue that needs solving pertains to a time-sensitive, or potentially life-threatening, matter.

An Unmatched Experience

Do the right thing for our customer. That’s the philosophy Rhapsody was built on. A customer’s experience is what sets us apart from other integration engine vendors. Not only is Corepoint Integration Engine proven to be robust and reliable, but our organization has a mission to offer customers a support experience unmatched by others in the market.

“Prospects almost always ask what makes our product different and why they should consider buying it. While there are hundreds of features, nuances, and reasons to buy within the product itself, the strongest reason they should become a Corepoint customer is that we truly care about their success. We’ve been customer-focused for 22 years, and the company culture is fixated on doing what is right for our customers.” – Dave Shaver, Corepoint Health Founder 

Corepoint’s Customer Experience

This philosophy, do the right thing for our customer, is woven into our DNA. It runs through the leadership team, departments, each employee, and it plays a vital role in our hiring decisions.

“We hire those who want to do this, who want to help customers with a high level of integrity. We can teach you everything else, but integrity is something we can’t change.” — Sonal Patel, Chief Customer Success Officer

Delivering an exceptional customer experience to those who have entrusted us with their most critical data and interoperability needs is a company-wide priority, and one we collectively embrace.

As a Rhapsody health solutions customer, you can always expect the following when you contact support:

  • The Golden Rule. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated.
  • Personal Responsibility. When someone on the support team picks up a phone call or opens an email, they are accountable for resolving that customer’s question or issue. They are the point of contact from start to finish and will not close a ticket unless given the green light from the customer.
  • Do the Right Thing for Long-term Success. If there is a problem, we focus on addressing the issue for long-term success, not just immediate remediation.
  • Go the Extra Mile. When the root of a problem occurs outside of Corepoint Integration Engine, our support team does everything in their power to identify and diagnose the surrounding issue. Those details are passed onto the customer to better prepare them to address the issue with the responsible party.
  • Empowerment. We don’t just “fix” the issue and send you on your way. We explain the solution so you feel empowered to tackle it in the future should it arise again.

So… what does a typical encounter with Corepoint Health’s customer support look like?

We Value Your Time

Tired of trying to bypass automated phone menus and different gatekeepers who stand between you and someone qualified to help?

Our support hotline is answered directly by trained support members who are able to jump in and address your need, saving you time, energy, and frustration.

We Listen

It may sound simple, but oftentimes it feels rare: customer support that truly listens.

In the challenging ecosystem of healthcare IT, it’s uncommon for a one-size-fits-all solution to exist. So we listen carefully to identify your needs, address your concerns, and understand any unique circumstances for you or your organization.

We then take our listening a step further. We use the information we gather from our customers’ experiences to influence the evolution of Corepoint Integration Engine as it grows to meet the changing needs of our clients and the industry.

“Rather than focusing on messaging standards, features, or specific functions,” explained Joe Merritt, VP of Development. “We make it essential to listen to our customers and respond with the resources they need.” 

We Are Proactive

At Rhapsody, we have our customers’ backs and do all we can to ensure their success.

  • When a hurricane was bearing down on some of our customers, members of our support team preemptively reached out and offered to bring their Corepoint repositories in-house in the event they would need to be restored.
  • When an enhancement is added to a new release, we notify the customer who made the original request.
  • We proactively follow up with the customer when something is required on the customer side of a support ticket so the issue stays top-of-mind.

We Leverage Our Experience

Long-tenured employees mean a robust knowledge base and experience level can be shared throughout the organization for others to draw upon. This benefits our customers who have unique goals that others might deem impossible.

“Everybody here has a true desire for the customer to succeed,” said one Client Support Analyst. “As a result, we’ve adopted a philosophy where we never say ‘this just isn’t possible’ to a customer. Instead, we challenge ourselves to go above and beyond to find a solution that will fit the customer’s need, even if it’s not the idea or functionality they originally had in mind.”


We Build Trust

We work tirelessly for our customers, and in turn, they recognize the value they get from reaching out.

There is a lot of crossover and collaboration within our organization to ensure the support members that our customers interact with have a voice, and ability to influence, other departments on behalf of the customer.

“I’m a member of both the support and training teams,” explained a Corepoint Client Support Engineer. “The information we gather in support informs us about the types of problems our customers are trying to solve and the workflows they most frequently use. The training team can then incorporate that knowledge and ensure those interfaces and concepts are covered in classes.” 

She continued, “If a customer experiences a defect, our support, development, and QA teams will work closely together to ensure our customers are taken care of. Maintaining these relationships with our customers is extremely important, and it’s really special to witness how well we work together internally toward a common goal.”


Our Commitment

Delivering an unmatched support experience, and delighting our customers, is the hallmark of Corepoint Health. And with that comes setting and exceeding the high expectations of our customers.

This focus and dedication to customers helped Corepoint Health earn the KLAS® Integration Engine Category Leader for 11 consecutive years. But we can’t take all the credit—we have the privilege of working with some of the best healthcare organizations out there.

No matter how the healthcare industry inevitably changes, or how Corepoint Integration Engine evolves, the way in which customers experience our organization and product will be a priority above all else.

And as a result, everyone succeeds.

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