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Create Interoperability with any EHR

Create Real Connections with your Medical Community

Corepoint Health solutions are transforming the way hospitals and clinics meet their interoperability and operational challenges.

No matter which EHR is in use, healthcare providers of all sizes are accomplishing interoperability goals with the interface engine ranked #1 in KLAS 11 consecutive years.

Connect to the referring community, improve workflows, and enable secure patient data exchange with every type of healthcare provider.

The Corepoint Health difference is seen in the quality of our products and in customer relationships built on a foundation of responsiveness and trust.

We’ve proven that health data interoperability doesn’t require a background in programming.

  • Seamlessly exchange data with any EHR system.
  • Allow external providers to connect without the need for additional programs or troublesome workarounds.
  • Identify data flow problems before they occur using metrics and reporting.
  • Ease of use means support staff can monitor and manipulate individual messages.

“I can perform the same tasks in Corepoint Integration Engine as I did in our previous interface engine but in about half the time. I don’t know how we would be able to participate in our statewide HIE without Corepoint Integration Engine.”

Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital

Go Beyond Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements define deadlines and reporting requirements that are creating the first steps for a connected national health system.

The ONC designated Consolidatd CDA as the health data standard to exchange patient summary of care information. Likewise, web services are the communication methods to be used for exchanging CDA documents.

With proven, innovative features, Corepoint Health customers go beyond government requirements and are creating a competitive advantage to stand out from their other providers. Corepoint Integration Engine was the first Meaningful Use-certified interface engine.

Health IT Innovation

Corepoint Health products handle the standard interfacing features with ease and deliver many more modern IT features that will help you exceed IT goals.

Your integration platform needs to provide true interoperability in everything you do, beginning with integrating all data with industry standards, to creating data flow within your organization, and empowering health data exchange with other providers and data repositories such as referring physicians, HIEs and ACOs.

“Corepoint Health puts more power in the hands of the interface developer than ever before… many of the new features are a dream come true and it just shows again how deeply Corepoint Health understands healthcare integration inside and out.”

Knox Community Hospital

“After installing Corepoint Integration Engine, what took 30 days for complete implementation with the previous interface engine took only one week with Corepoint Integration Engine.”

Memorial Hospital and Healthcare Center, Jasper, Ind.

Flexibility in Standards

When using Corepoint Integration Engine, IT departments have total flexibility when using health data standards and data communication methods.

Health data standards supported:

  • HL7
  • HL7 FHIR
  • CDA
  • CCD
  • CCR
  • X12
  • XML

Communication Methods:

  • Web Services
  • TCP/IP
  • Secure FTP
  • VPN

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