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Loyalty: Customer chooses Corepoint Integration Engine again


CDR Maguire health & medical division


Miami, Florida, United States


Organization type

Emergency response logistics & consulting

The customer:

CDR Maguire

CDR Maguire manages engineering and emergency response logistics throughout the United States. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDR Maguire Health and Medical division coordinated more than 2 million COVID tests and more than 2 million vaccinations.

“There’s no book on a pandemic. We needed an integration solution that would be agile, and able to connect to multiple labs. We had to be ready to respond and adapt to whatever strategy the community needed.”

Cesar Ruiz

Director, Integrations and BI, CDR Maguire Health & Medical

The challenge:

More sites, every day

Tasked to manage COVID testing in Florida, CDR Maguire quickly needed to onboard and aggregate lab testing data from 10,000+ daily tests. These test results came from 60 sites, processed by five different labs, each using unique technologies. New sites came online constantly — and each needed to immediately comply with reporting regulations.

Meanwhile, CDR Maguire Health & Medical was also preparing to manage the COVID vaccine rollout, a moving target as details kept evolving.

The team began managing the lab result data through faxes, manual data entry in Google Docs, and FTP into labs. These approaches were not sustainable or scalable, especially as testing site volume multiplied and CDR Maguire had to pivot to also manage the vaccine rollout.

COVID-related stats: (all as of May 2021):

2 million

tests processed


average test turnaround time

2 million

vaccinations provided

26 minute

average wait time for vaccine


vaccination clinics performed

The solution:

Corepoint Integration Engine

Jerome Senior, data management and interface integration manager, had used Corepoint at a previous company and knew that it could meet the growing challenge. “We had more than a decade of interaction with Corepoint, so we knew that it’s a solid integration solution, easy-to-use, best in KLAS, and supported by amazing customer service,” he said. “We knew that’s what we wanted.”

Senior and his team began using Corepoint to manage the growing mountain of data and prepare for vaccine distribution. With Corepoint, they had:

  • The agility to easily and quickly add data sources
  • “Amazing” customer service that let Senior focus on his team’s priorities
  • Low-code flexibility that could be tested along the way

“When you know the technology is there, you can accomplish your goal. With Corepoint in place, we can focus on the strategy and the service that we deliver. Now I feel comfortable that when we add sources like another lab or another pharmacy, we can rapidly onboard it and reliably integrate the data into our workflows.”

Cesar Ruiz

Director, Integrations and BI, CDR Maguire Health & Medical


Hitting a moving target

Corepoint helped the CDR Maguire team quickly onboard additional test and vaccine sites, including van-based mobile units. Even as vaccine allocations shifted, CDR Maguire could seamlessly integrate the data into state-mandated reports.

The rollout went so well that CDR Maguire was soon tapped to roll out services in other parts of Florida, while also expanding to Kentucky, Tennessee, and Massachusetts.

Throughout the process, the CDR Maguire team could count on Corepoint. The customer service team was readily available, and with the flexible interface and reliable monitoring, Jerome and his team could do their own development and testing.

As Senior explained, “Whatever the state or the federal government needs help with, we go in and provide the infrastructure and the software. In a matter of weeks, we went from having one vaccine to three. Corepoint enabled us to react and adapt fast.” Indeed, CDR Maguire processed 2+ million tests and 2+million vaccines.

As the pandemic response winds down, CDR Maguire’s Health & Medical Division is now positioned to roll out similar healthcare services wherever opportunity takes them. And since the team is fully confident in the Corepoint technology, they can focus on further optimizing their own solutions.

How CDR Maguire uses Corepoint

Connecting salesforce data from a growing number of sites

Securely reporting data to the state immunization program

Easily integrating data from new sources

Positioning CDR Maguire to roll out similar services, no matter what the future brings

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