Migrating from On-Premises to the Cloud in Four Steps

How you can offset the burden of migrating your integration engine to the cloud

Security and the Cloud? A Decade Old Question and Answer

Sure healthcare technology in the cloud sounds great…but is it secure?

Rhapsody as a Service - RaaS

Simple, out of the box, intelligent integration for healthcare systems.

UberOps Dramatically Bolsters Its Business

A provider of health IT services for both the public and private sectors, UberOps’ offerings include cloud migration, project management, data integration, and cyber security.

Migrating to the Cloud for the Health Industry

Since the eruption of cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other regional competitors, the case for migrating out of the proprietary data centre has grown in both size and strength.

This price is right: How moving to the cloud can save you money

One of the most compelling reasons to migrate to the cloud is the well marketed ‘cost savings’ that come from the transition.

Cloud-based Health IT: Now is the Time

Healthcare has lagged behind other industries in moving to the cloud, partly for good reason and partly due to inertia.

In the Cloud We Trust

These days, the cloud isn’t just the domain of start-ups and early adopters—it truly is becoming mainstream and mainstream for enterprises.



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