Using Rhapsody as a FHIR façade (Part Three)

Dr. David Hay continues his deep-dive into Rhapsody and FHIR.

Smart adding Security to FHIR APIs

How to maximize security by adding SMART(s) to your FHIR APIs

Supporting safe access to data, enabling the open healthcare ecosystem.

The Move Toward API-Based Development and Integration

Brian Murphy, an industry analyst for Chilmark Research, recently anatomized open application programming interfaces (APIs) in the healthcare sector for a 32-page research report.

APIs Alone Can't Deliver Last-Mile Integration in Healthcare

In healthcare, there is a vast disparity between data formats. No two healthcare software systems speak exactly the same language—at most, they speak dialects of the same language.

Fueling the Journey towards APIs for Interoperability

By using these APIs in real-life software development, we have accelerated essential learnings that no amount of desktop research could’ve given us.

The Role of Open API's in Healthcare Interoperability

It's important to realize that though an open API strategy serves a role within the interoperability puzzle, it isn't the solution.



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