Shelley Wehmeyer

Introducing Rhapsody Semantic version 15.2: powerful new features to support the evolution of mappings

December 2, 2022

I am excited to share that Rhapsody Semantic 15.2 is now available! With this release, you can take advantage of better visibility mapping history. This allows you to investigate and request data from a certain point in time. The release also includes other new features related to mapping, in addition to bug fixes. 

Introduction of mapset versioning 

The introduction of mapset versioning gives visibility to the entire development history of mappings. This helps you request data from the point in time that makes sense and find mappings that are most relevant for investigation after code system updates. 

Configure specific versions of HealthTerm mapset 

When configuring a FHIR ConceptMap resource, it is now possible to configure specific versions of HealthTerm mapset. This means history is now available on how a mapping has changed, as well as binds a request to a specific version. ConceptMaps without configured versions will automatically point to the latest version. 

Menu bar enhancements 

HealthTerm 15.2 introduces a new and improved menu bar with enhancements to ensure accessibility and readability. 

Import a mapset using a CSV file in the Advanced Mapping module 

Users can now import a mapset using a CSV file in the Advanced Mapping module. Importing a mapset using this feature will generate the mapset in the Advanced Mapping module along with a published version of the mapset with the valid mappings from the file. 

Migrate mapsets from the Mapping module to the Advanced Mapping module 

In support of the transition to the Advanced Mapping module, it is now possible to migrate mapsets from the Mapping module to the Advanced Mapping module. This makes the Advanced Mapping features available for use on migrated mapsets. 

Existing Semantic users can learn more about these features in the user guide. 

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