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Webinar: Semantic interoperability 101: How clinical terminology mapping advances interoperability

Access a discussion to learn how terminology management solutions advance interoperability by improving data quality 

We are excited to share that Rhapsody and CareCom, a leader in healthcare terminology management solutions, merged.  

For over 20 years, CareCom has provided healthcare organizations around the world with terminology solutions that enable more complete and accurate patient information, leading to better care, reduced clinician burden, and optimized patient experiences. Going forward, these solutions will be offered as Rhapsody Semantic.   

Rhapsody Semantic solutions uniquely accommodate clinical expression by enabling the cross-mapping of all major healthcare vocabularies, including diagnostic and procedure codes. In addition, the solutions support FHIR terminology mapping, value set management, and converting unstructured data, such as notes fields, into discrete, interoperable information. Around the globe, healthcare organizations rely on Rhapsody Semantic to support data quality governance and health information exchange.   

Michelle Blackmer, Rhapsody CMO, sits down with Jacob Boye Hanse, founder of CareCom, and Tami Jones, sales director, to share more about the merger and the importance of clinical terminology management to ensure accurate and meaningful data capture and exchange. 

We cover: 

  • How Rhapsody Semantic supports data quality governance and health information exchange 
  • How CareCom customers can work with Rhapsody to further enable cross-organizational interoperability 
  • How semantic interoperability can improve clinical outcomes 
  • Why Rhapsody chose CareCom to bring you clinical terminology management capabilities 

Meet the speakers:

Michelle Blackmer, chief marketing officer, Rhapsody

Jacob Boye Hansen, founder of CareCom 

Tami Jones, solutions consultant, Rhapsody

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