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Introducing EMPI innovations to better support health equity, workflow efficiency, and patient empowerment

According to a recent survey led by the Patient ID Now coalition, 72% of respondents agreed that multiple, disparate processes existed within their organizations for creating, managing, and storing identities. This same survey revealed that the average healthcare organization spends 109.6 hours per week resolving patient identity issues, with more than one third spending north of $1 million annually to address these issues. 

In the face of these challenges, forward-thinking organizations are looking for ways to make their identity data management operation more efficient, better integrated, and more aligned with the goals of their organization.  

The patient identity challenge persists. The demand for solutions has never been greater. And Rhapsody continues to lead the charge when it comes to innovating in support of one person, one record across the healthcare ecosystem. 

Introducing Rhapsody EMPI version 11.3 

Available now  — and deployable as a service, on premises, in your cloud, or in ours — Rhapsody EMPI version 11.3 introduces new enhancements with exciting new capabilities in the areas of equity, efficiency, and empowerment

Making SDOH data more accessible to drive health equity initiatives 

The delivery of equitable care is a growing focus for many organizations as they look to provide better care to their underserved populations. As the arbiter of accurate person data for the organization, the EMPI can play a significant role in connecting patient populations with health data to inform and support health equity program development. 

Social determinants of health (SDOH) data is now even more tightly integrated with each person record within Rhapsody EMPI. Through our existing partnership with Loqate, a global leader in address verification, we can use census codes associated with each person’s address to connect with SDOH data from sources such as the CDC and Census Bureau. With this data in hand, Rhapsody EMPI customers can aggregate, analyze, and act on the data needed to execute their health equity initiatives with precision. 

Driving efficiency, optimizing workflows, supporting more informed decision-making 

Many organizations across healthcare have told us that to be the most effective stewards of person data, they need tools to help them work efficiently while maintaining visibility to— and control over —the data they are managing. On average, organizations devote 10 full-time employees to tackle patient identity resolution. 

With this release, we’ve made the most powerful data-stewardship “control panel” even better by introducing new enhancements that further streamline the identity data resolution process.   

  1. You can now add fully configurable data tags and reason codes to the issues you are working on. The customers we’ve spoken to were most eager to assign tags to indicate priority and criticality, helping them focus on resolving records that require the most urgent attention. And reason codes will help teams document and communicate why certain actions were taken during the resolution process.  
  1. With the new single best record (SBR) override feature, you now have more control than ever when merging two records, with the ability to select which details will live in the enterprise record. Data resolution can be a messy business, so we’re giving customers ultimate flexibility when it comes to selecting the correct data for each patient.  

 Introducing Verify: knowledge-based verification for greater accuracy 

There is a persistent rallying cry in healthcare: patient data belongs to the patient! The same applies to identity data: who knows patient’s data better than the patient themselves? To this end, we’re excited to introduce Verify, the very first knowledge-based verification tool for healthcare identity data resolution.  

Verify further automates the data stewardship process and is designed to resolve the few data quality issues that the matching process teamed with reference data do not resolve. Verify will send questions to patients directly – either via text, email, or the patient portal – and automatically resolve the data issue once the questions are answered.    

With organizations across healthcare looking to drive efficiency and reduce the cost of effective data resolution, Verify creates a direct line between your team and the person who can answer the hardest identity questions with 100% accuracy.  

Powerful integration to ensure project and support growth 

Finally, we’re proud to deliver the industry’s most capable EMPI powered by the acclaimed Rhapsody Integration Engine.  

An EMPI is only as good as its ability to connect with and update systems across your ecosystem. In fact, this is where most EMPI implementations fail. With Rhapsody Integration Engine delivered standard—and at no additional cost—with all EMPI implementations, rest assured that you will have the flexibility, scalability, and reliability you need to succeed from day one.  

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