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Integration with Epic EHR

Over 400 hospitals have used Corepoint or Rhapsody integration engines to optimize their Epic EHR migration or installation. Epic implementations need to meet strict timelines in order to earn incentives or avoid penalties. Our customers regard Rhapsody health solutions as a key factor in enabling a successful migration to Epic and optimizing existing implementations.

How does an Integration Engine support a migration to Epic?

Meeting contracted project goals and deadlines is imperative to a successful Epic implementation. Our customers tell us that using Rhapsody and Corepoint’s enterprise approach to developing and testing interfaces helps maximize the interface development process essential for an efficient Epic migration. Use integration engines to:

  • Backload data to Epic from legacy systems as part of an EHR migration.
  • Handle the complex logic and workflows within an Epic environment.

What are key benefits of using Rhapsody and Corepoint Integration alongside Epic?

  • Leverage centralized interface monitoring and log all message exchange, providing a single point for interface research and recovery operations.
  • Maintain business continuity through a platform built with stability and resiliency in mind.
  • Manage and deliver high volumes of patient data between disparate systems in timely manner.
  • Tailor alerts to warn of problems before they disrupt workflow and operations, while customizing user profiles with unique views and permissions. 

What integration capabilities are most helpful within an Epic environment?

  • Easy maintenance: intuitive troubleshooting tools ease testing and speed development of interfaces. Quickly find problem messages, experiment with them, and use them to test your logic.
  • Prompt issue awareness: Customizable interface alerts that communicate issues requiring immediate attention and visual interface monitoring that communicates engine status at a glance
  • Build simplicity: ability to build interfaces quickly and accurately in half the time or less.
  • Scalability: integration that scales across all facilities in your organization to securely exchange data with a growing number of external partners.
  • Centralized transparency: views and role-based monitor access
  • Provide Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use): required security audit log reports in the case of an auditable event and gain insight to improve PHI security policies and procedures.

How UnityPoint Health uses Corepoint in their Epic Environment

UnityPoint Health is the 4th largest nondenominational health system in the United States, with 21 regional hospitals, 400+ clinics, 19 community network hospitals, and 16 home health locations. Their interoperability team provided insights into the value and impact Corepoint Integration Engine has had in their Epic environment, and on their entire team.

“I can tell you about the satisfaction the team has now, from the ease of use that has been created by these processes,” Joe Hamilton, interoperability manager  

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