Rhapsody Health Solutions Team

Continuous 24/7 Support During Crises

With attention on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we continue to closely monitor the dynamic developments to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our employees and customers. 

As always, our global technical support team is available 24×7 for uninterrupted operational efficiency of your Corepoint and Rhapsody integration engines. Furthermore, as a full services team, we can augment your resources to monitor and manage your integration platform remotely, if needed. 

Our organizational structure allows our team members to work remotely around the globe, which ensures business continuity in the face of any unexpected event.    

Be assured that preventative measures have been implemented at Rhapsody to protect our employees and to help curb the potential spread of the virus within our families and community.  

We are dedicated to serving you for business continuity. Please let us know how we can help. Feel free contact us on one of the support numbers below or contact the support team here. 

Corepoint Support:
United States: +1 (214618-7002 

Rhapsody Support: 

United States: +1 (866) 742-7411 

United Kingdom+44 (20) 3608-9100 

Australia+61 (7) 3911-1888 

Philippines: +63 (2) 8639-6868 

New Zealand+64 (9) 801-1900 

Singapore+65 3165-0555 

Saudi Arabia:+966 (800) 880-3018 

United Arab Emirates+971 (800) 032-0007 

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