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A Word from Our CEO Regarding COVID-19


Erkan-Akyuz_185pxOur valued customers,

As we are all struggling to cope with the new fact of our lives, let it be working remotely, dealing with the kids (and pets) running around the house with an indefinite March break, worrying about our elderly, or trying to find some basic supplies to buy, you, our customers, are on the first line of defense against this virus. We admire what you do, as you make us feel safe!

First and foremost, our priority remains to serve the wellbeing of our employees and ensure the continuity of your businesses.

Globally, we are going through a healthcare crisis, and Rhapsody is part of the solution to help the interoperability of the healthcare delivery system. We are here to help!

As all countries and health systems around the world are struggling to deal with this acute issue, we are all suffering from the under-invested and under-innovated healthcare infrastructure — even in the most modern countries.  This is not a problem one doctor or one hospital can solve in isolation. It requires all public services to be much more connected and coordinated.

This is the role we play, and we will continue to play for years to come. The importance of interoperability is definitely moving from a “must” to a “mission critical” status. At Rhapsody, in order to continue to be your trusted partner, we will work even harder to innovate for new solutions.

To be frank, most of us were not ready for a crisis of this magnitude. Our business continuity, our IT infrastructure, our communication policies were good, but they are being matured even more as we live every day as a new challenge. We are learning something every day. We are taking a new measure every minute, and we are reacting to the issues as they come along. As the situation changes, we learn,  reassess, and react. Our teams ensure that the resilience of our operations is hardened so that we never risk your business.

As we listen to a lot of negative news, we, as the Rhapsody family, are doing well. We are able to serve our customers without any disruption, and we are hardening our processes and procedures to bear the worst that might come. We are strong, and we’ll be even be stronger and more resilient as we come out of this.

Let’s stay connected to each other, our partners, and our communities.

We are here to help you. Please do not hesitate to reach us for any help you might need.

Truly yours,

Erkan Akyuz, CEO

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