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CareCom Joins Lyniate Co-Creation Lab to Address Interoperability

Initial Project to Focus on Development of Customized HIE Data Integration Solution for Manifest MedEx, a California-based Health Data Network

Lyniate, a global leader in healthcare data interoperability, today announced a partnership with CareCom, a leading provider of terminology services management, to drive interoperability innovation. The two companies are collaborating in Lyniate Co-Creation Lab, a design environment that facilitates the advancement of cutting-edge health IT. The initial Co-Creation Lab project focuses on the development of a tailored data-normalization solution for shared customer Manifest MedEx, California’s largest nonprofit health data network, and will be scalable, adaptable, and easily replicated for other healthcare organizations looking for customized integration support for health information exchange (HIE).

By combining forces via the Co-Creation Lab, Lyniate can leverage CareCom’s unique industry insights as a healthcare software developer to build a “Connector solution” for the companies’ shared customer, Manifest MedEx. Once finished, this solution will have the ability to meaningfully address data integration at the taxonomy level, a critical aspect of healthcare data integration as it provides health organizations a more holistic view of patient health information. Data taxonomy integration is vital to successful HIE by categorizing health data, identifying commonalities between the varied terminologies and semantics used across disparate healthcare systems. With the healthcare industry relying heavily on electronic health data (EHR) record keeping, having access to solutions that can decipher and interpret incoming data from outside systems is an essential component of achieving true interoperability.

“It’s great to see the tremendous interest we’ve received in the Co-Creation Lab,” said Drew Ivan, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Lyniate. “This most recent project with CareCom and Manifest MedEx aligns with our vision of achieving widespread interoperability by taking on data taxonomy. Appropriately addressing data integration at the taxonomy level can be daunting due to the differences in semantics from organization to organization. This is why the Co-Creation Lab environment brings together innovators across the industry for a more rapid product development process.”

The Co-Creation Lab allows healthcare organizations across the industry to work with Lyniate’s industry-leading expert development teams who give participants unique guidance as they develop and tailor effective solutions that meet their specific interoperability needs. Participants have the added benefit of streamlined solution development cycles and are driven by member insights and feedback. While every customer’s needs are different, many healthcare companies and organizations share similar challenges and for that reason, solutions built in the Co-Creation Lab are made to easily adapt, scale, and apply to meet the needs of other organizations.

“Lyniate has been advancing data interoperability in healthcare for years and has been able to meaningfully address the challenges of interoperability at a high-level data perspective,” said David Kates, CTO of Manifest MedEx. “However, because so many healthcare systems and organizations are using different EHR systems, data languages, and other infrastructures, these entities still run into debilitating interoperability problems. The process of working with Lyniate and CareCom has been an incredibly rewarding experience as we’ve had the opportunity to weigh in on the solution development to ensure we will have a more accurate method of interpreting and reading data from a variety of sources.”

Vendors interested in participating in the Lyniate Co-Creation Lab can reach out here. All three companies are also members of Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC), and will be participating in various capacities in the SHIEC Annual Conference Virtual Series, which takes place August 17 – September 15.

About CareCom

CareCom U.S. is a subsidiary of the Danish software company CareCom A/S, which was founded in 1999. CareCom primarily develops software for the healthcare sector. The company has created cutting edge competence within the focus area of Master Data Management. CareCom has gained a deep understanding of the challenges relating to the management of healthcare terminologies and classifications and served as advisors for many international semantic interoperability projects like the epSOS project and EU Commission. CareCom’s major business area is the provision of solutions that support all aspects of working with healthcare terminologies and classifications. CareCom’s products support the process of establishing semantic interoperability between disparate systems, which we regard as a necessary prerequisite for systems integration. CareCom’s product HealthTerm provides a cost-effective, flexible platform to map and normalize clinical data. For more information about CareCom, visit or email Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Manifest MedEx

As California’s largest nonprofit health data network, Manifest MedEx delivers real-time information to help healthcare providers care for millions of patients every day. Together, we are transforming the healthcare landscape across the state, supporting California as a leader in affordable, proactive, and compassionate medical care. For more information, visit:

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