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Are You Rhapsody-Certified?

June 20, 2018

While Rhapsody is a very intuitive integration engine, there are still a number of tips and tricks that can help staff working with Rhapsody to expand their knowledge, be more efficient and prepare for the future — all of which are available through the Rhapsody Certification Program.

The Certification Program—which is exclusively available to direct Rhapsody customers—is a robust, rigorous certification that provides learners with the comprehensive knowledge they require to understand the Rhapsody Integration Engine and associated tools.

It imparts essential information about integration best practices, the health integration domain, and much more.

Why become Rhapsody certified? There are many benefits to certification including:

The certification process enables employees to be rapidly upskilled into a Rhapsody development role. 

  • It empowers users with best practice techniques and essential tips and tricks to provide maximum value to an organization within a short period.

  • It emboldens individuals to confidently use the product features as their techniques have been rigorously scrutinized during the certification process.

  • It introduces individuals to a range of features that they may not ordinarily encounter, empowering them for future use of the product.

  • Certifying a number of individuals in an organization provides assurance that Rhapsody configuration will be created and used in a similar manner, ensuring that the solution has a more uniform design and the organization benefits from simpler maintenance of code.

  • Having the skill set obtained through certification allows staff to work more effectively with Rhapsody’s support team to troubleshoot if necessary.

The Certification Program for the Rhapsody Integration Engine recognizes two levels of proficiency and also offers additional expert modules:


Rhapsody Associate Certification 

Covers the foundation and underlying concepts of the Rhapsody interoperability platform. This includes educating users on the fundamental ways in which messages are structured and managed as well as how to combine communication points, filters, and pathways into a working Rhapsody route. The certification also covers how to view and update the status of a running Rhapsody Engine in the Web Management Console. These learnings enable staff to spend more time on developing system improvements and less on day-to-day maintenance.


Rhapsody Professional Certification

Provides the knowledge to help Rhapsody users build routes and interfaces from scratch. The scope includes: controlling message flows; working with different types of interfaces and databases; applying business logic to message processing using the range of Rhapsody filters; and best practices for developing robust and scalable integrations. This qualification focuses on enabling learners to competently build and maintain a configuration, which enables the organization to have a robust system with maximized uptime.


Expert Level Modules

Additional modules are available for certified Rhapsody professionals working on complex sites that may include multiple Rhapsody engines, high message throughput, and complex message requirements.

Expert modules cover a broad range of advanced subject areas including designing complex configurations with a range of related technologies like JavaScript; the IHE toolkit; and the Rhapsody Development Kit. This qualification enables users to create and configure the complex routes and interfaces that will be used to manage an organization’s messaging requirements.

All Rhapsody certification courses are delivered through the Rhapsody Academy, an online source of self-paced training modules. Course content includes a mixture of text, images, video, and presentations followed by short exercises to illustrate and reinforce what has been learned.

Assessment involves a combination of short online quizzes and formal file submissions where coursework is uploaded as a file to be graded by experienced trainers and subject matter experts. We also have instructors available to help answer any questions or address areas of concern you may come across while completing the training. 

To request access to a Rhapsody certification course, you can talk to your Account Manager, or contact the Education team here!

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