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Webinar: How to build connections for the future of healthcare with Corepoint Integration Engine

Access an interactive webinar to hear best practices from a longtime Corepoint user, UnityPoint Health, and learn more about the Corepoint development roadmap.

As an integration expert, you’re constantly challenged with new connectivity demands. Integration needs have expanded beyond the brick and mortar of your organization, and connected information is now powering engagement dashboards and the digital front door. New systems and healthcare IoT devices are being incorporated into workflows and are collecting more data than ever. Without the right partner and interoperability toolset, this can be daunting.  

Access an interactive webinar to hear best practices from UnityPoint Health, a user of Corepoint Integration Engine for almost 14 years and learn more about how Corepoint Integration Engine is built from the ground up to help solve for the future of healthcare.

We also discuss how the Corepoint product team stays up to date on healthcare market demands as they build out the Corepoint product roadmap.

We cover: 

  • The evolution of the Corepoint roadmap – including the past, present, and future
  • Best practices, including advice to those new to integration development, from Corepoint user UnityPoint Health
  • Observations from HIMSS23 and how this relates to the Corepoint roadmap

Meet the speakers:

Lyle Zaehringer, developer II, interoperability, UnityPoint Health

Lyle has a BA in Computer Science from the University of Iowa. Before working in healthcare interoperability, he held roles in insurance and human resources technology, including report writing, scripting, software development, query, and ETL. Lyle has worked in healthcare interoperability for 11 years, the past six years with UnityPoint on Corepoint, focusing on standards, metrics, uptime, and general wellbeing of the interface engine. He has experience in several interface engines, and he has also spent several years as a freelance writer in the music industry.

Dan W. Krueger, interoperability developer III, interface & interoperability, UnityPoint Health

Dan is an Interoperability Developer III at UnityPoint Health, with nine years of experience working in healthcare information technology. Prior to healthcare, Dan worked in the aviation industry as a software quality engineer. Dan specializes in integration engine management, interface development for Promoting Interoperability programs, and has more than 14 years of experience in process improvement. Dan is a graduate from Iowa State University and holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering. As healthcare evolves, the core mission at UnityPoint Health stays the same, which is to improve the health of the people and communities they serve.

Dmitri Kitaynik, product manager for Corepoint Integration Engine, Rhapsody

As Corepoint Product Manager, Dmitri works in partnership with the Rhapsody leadership team to define the strategic and tactical direction of the Corepoint solution suite. Drawing on his 20 years of software IT experience, with more than 10 years dedicated to healthcare interoperability, Dmitri aims to create flexible and reliable solutions that improve people’s lives. 

Dan Rice, product marketing manager, Rhapsody 

With a background in engineering and software development, Dan has spent much of the last decade working on different efforts related to digital transformation and process improvement in healthcare.  As a product marketing manager at Rhapsody, he is energized by the opportunities presented by a connected and data-enriched healthcare world — and the ways Rhapsody health solutions can help. 

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