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Webinar: How Michigan Department of Health and Human Services boosts modern data exchange with Rhapsody

With funding from the CARES Act of 2020, state public health agencies received a rare opportunity to modernize infrastructure. The funding came with a clear requirement for state vital statistics offices: accelerate FHIR-based, bi-directional interoperability between their Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) and National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). 

In this webinar, Jeff Duncan, Ph.D., State Registrar and Director of the Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, discusses the challenges his department has faced in sharing vital statistics data, and how he’s stewarding recent Data Modernization funding by taking advantage of built-in FHIR capabilities in the Rhapsody Integration Engine to share death records with the National Center for Health Statistics. 

We cover: 

  • The past: Having missed out on meaningful use funding in the early 2000s, public health agencies have relied on older methods for sharing certain types of data, such as birth and death registries.   
  • The present: With the CDC’s Public Health Data Modernization Initiative, public health now has funding to modernize infrastructure. But with tight deadlines to spend the money, public health leaders have to make quick decisions on how best to use funding.  
  • The future: Strategies for achieving high-quality reliable data for public health organizations 

We also dive into where healthcare providers come into play in data modernization and the importance of collaboration between providers and public health agencies. 

Meet the speakers:

Jeff Duncan, Ph.D., state registrar and director of the Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services 

 With over 25 years of experience in public health statistics and informatics, Jeff has served in leadership positions in Utah and Michigan. He is currently the State Registrar and Director of Michigan’s Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics. Over his career Jeff has focused on systems development, implementation, and interoperability between public health and healthcare organizations. 

Alyson Crabtree, client support manager II, Rhapsody 

Alyson has 18 years of experience as a middleware developer and seven years of experience as a project and program manager for State of Colorado IT systems, including leadership roles in major IT system replacement projects as well as in ongoing support and incremental development. Before joining Rhapsody, she worked as an IT Program Manager for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Alyson is passionate about building high-functioning, self-organizing teams that get their sense of achievement by earning the customer’s confidence in our reliability, resoluteness, and resourcefulness.  

Drew Ivan, chief strategy and product officer, Rhapsody 

Drew’s focus is on corporate strategy. His experience includes over 20 years in health IT, working with a wide spectrum of customers, including public HIEs, IDNs, payers, life sciences companies, and software vendors, with the goal of improving outcomes and reducing costs by aggregating and analyzing clinical, claims, and cost data.   

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