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Webinar: Be a champion for healthy data

Access an interactive webinar to learn strategies for working with colleagues to improve data quality across your organization   

As an IT professional in healthcare, you understand the importance of data quality. However, the impact that poor identity and terminology data has on your organization’s ability to drive initiatives is often overlooked and can be a source of frustration for you and your team. 

Access an interactive discussion to learn more about where poor-quality data has the biggest impact and how you can collaborate with colleagues in your organization for more accurate data exchange. 

We cover: 

  • How poor identity and terminology data impacts areas such as  
    • Clinical quality and analytics 
    • Patient engagement and the digital front door 
    • Financial outcomes 
  • Why solving these issues is in your organization’s best interest 
  • Who from your organization you should work with to improve data quality, and suggestions on how best to engage with them  

The more the merrier! 

This topic will also be of interest to your HIM and clinical informatics counterparts, so be sure to pass along this link. 

Meet the speakers:

Tami Jones, solutions consultant, Rhapsody

Tami has an extensive background in healthcare, working in both the payer and population health management spaces. She has eight years of clinical terminology management experience and more than six years of experience working at CareCom prior to the merger with Rhapsody. Tami currently works as a solution consultant at Rhapsody. 

Steve Kotyk, senior solutions consultant, Rhapsody

Steve is passionate about solving healthcare identity management challenges to provide an accurate and complete view of patient records. He has extensive experience in healthcare information technology and the integration of enterprise master person index (EMPI) systems. 

Jesse Eichhorn, director of product marketing, Rhapsody

Jesse leads product marketing for Rhapsody identity solutions. With more than 15 years of experience in healthcare IT, Jesse is passionate about helping companies introduce and communicate the value of their solutions to the market. Jesse resides in Minnesota. 

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