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Webinar: Assessing cloud readiness and your future interoperability demands

With the constant evolution of interoperability in healthcare and innovations in cloud-based technologies, many healthcare organizations are looking for ways that they can embrace cloud technology to enhance future outcomes. 

However, with these advancements and complexity with the integration of external systems, there is often a burden on the teams responsible for ensuring interoperability. 

As interoperability needs in healthcare evolve, how can you prepare for what’s around the corner? How can you not only keep up but also excel in a time when resources are limited? 

Access an interactive webinar to learn fundamental building blocks for establishing seamless connectivity in healthcare and how you can ensure your organization is ready to migrate infrastructure to the cloud. 

We cover: 

  • Foundational integration building blocks for optimal connected care 
  • The relationship between healthcare interoperability and readiness for cloud technologies 
  • How you can transition from merely keeping up with the present to embracing a future-focused approach 

Meet the speakers:

Zach Mortensen, VP, portfolio product management, Rhapsody 

Zach is an expert in product strategy and go-to-market strategy. His career has spanned over 25 years, encompassing leadership roles in marketing, product development, and strategy within healthcare technology, tech-enabled services, and clinical research organizations. This includes executive positions held at Parexel, Hillrom, M*Modal, Carefusion, Microsoft, and MediServe. Zach holds an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School and a BSE in Computer Engineering from Arizona State University. 

Rick Wattras, principal integration architect, Rhapsody 

Rick is a Principal Integration Architect on Rhapsody’s Professional Services team, primarily responsible for designing and delivering complex solutions that solve interoperability problems. His knowledge of both traditional healthcare standards, such as HL7 and CDA, and modern technologies like FHIR and RESTful web services/APIs, plus experience working with multiple interface engines and EHRs have allowed him to deploy an extensive toolset that offers flexibility and opportunity to our wide range of healthcare partners. Previous work in server administration and a focus on cloud architecture have provided Rick with a solid foundation for helping clients make the move to the cloud as the best way to ensure the longevity of their products. 

Dan Rice, product marketing manager, Rhapsody 

With a background in engineering and software development, Dan has spent much of the last decade working on different efforts related to digital transformation and process improvement in healthcare.  As a product marketing manager at Rhapsody, he is energized by the opportunities presented by a connected and data enriched healthcare world and the ways Rhapsody can help.   

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