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Webinar: Introducing innovations in identity data management for equity, efficiency, and empowerment

Access an interactive webinar to learn more about how the latest release of Rhapsody EMPI can deliver value to your organization.

The ability to create and maintain accurate, current, and actionable person data is foundational to high-performing healthcare organizations. Implementing a successful identity data management program, however, extends beyond simple patient matching. Forward-thinking organizations are looking for ways to make their identity data management operation more efficient, better integrated, and more aligned with the goals of their organization.

With the newest release of Rhapsody EMPI, Rhapsody is once again setting the bar when it comes to next-generation enterprise master person index and identity data management for healthcare.

Access an interactive webinar to learn how Rhapsody EMPI 11.3 supports forward-thinking organizations to deliver healthcare more equitably across their communities and drive efficiency when it comes to data management.

Whether you’re a healthcare provider, health information exchange, public health organization, or healthcare technology organization, you’ll benefit from understanding how the latest advancements in identity data management can deliver value to your organization.

We cover the latest advancements for Rhapsody EMPI, including:

  • Integrated knowledge-based verification, putting the patient front and center when it comes to verifying their own identity
  • Integrated social determinants of health (SDOH) data for each patient to help organizations accelerate their health equity programs
  • The most advanced tools available to help teams understand and manage identity data across multiple sources
  • KLAS®-leading integration to support all new EMPI implementations

Meet the speakers:

Lynn Stoltz, senior product manager for identity, Rhapsody

Lynn has more than seven years of healthcare IT experience in both product management and physician optimization implementations of the Cerner EHR. As the senior product manager for identity solutions at Rhapsody, Lynn is passionate about data-proven results for customers and identifying the right features and improvements for the identity management space.

Thomas Myers, VP of global solution consulting, Rhapsody

After years of technical experience applied across a wide array of industries, Tom landed in healthcare IT to stay. It’s through his day-to-day work of developing new products that he sees a path to improving the delivery of patient care on a global scale. Tom is a creative thinker with a wealth of experiences and tools to draw from to help Rhapsody health solutions teams and customers solve problems and move fast toward their goals. His innovative mindset challenges everyone he works with to build a better way of doing what needs to be done to improve patient care.

Jesse Eichhorn, director of product marketing, Rhapsody

Jesse leads product marketing for Rhapsody identity solutions. With more than 15 years of experience in healthcare IT, Jesse is passionate about helping companies introduce and communicate the value of their solutions to the market. Jesse resides in Minnesota. 

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