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HL7 PV1 segment

The HL7 PV1 segment contains basic inpatient or outpatient encounter information and consists of 52 different fields with values ranging from assigned patient location, to admitting doctor, to visit number, to servicing facility. The PV1 segment communicates information on an account or visit-specific basis.  The default is to send account level data. If the segment is to be used for visit level data, the PV1-51 Visit Indicator must be set to “V”.

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The fields in the PV1 segment are as follows:

14SIO Set ID – PV1
21ISR Patient Class
380PLO Assigned Patient Location
42ISO Admission Type
5250CXO Preadmit Number
680PLO Prior Patient Location
7250XCNOYAttending Doctor
8250XCNOYReferring Doctor
9250XCNBYConsulting Doctor
103ISO Hospital Service
1180PLO Temporary Location
122ISO Preadmit Test Indicator
132ISO Re-admission Indicator
146ISO Admit Source
152ISOYAmbulatory Status
162ISO VIP Indicator
17250XCNOYAdmitting Doctor
182ISO Patient Type
19250CXO Visit Number
2050FCOYFinancial Class
212ISO Charge Price Indicator
222ISO Courtesy Code
232ISO Credit Rating
242ISOYContract Code
258DTOYContract Effective Date
2612NMOYContract Amount
273NMOYContract Period
282ISO Interest Code
294ISO Transfer to Bad Debt Code
308DTO Transfer to Bad Debt Date
3110ISO Bad Debt Agency Code
3212NMO Bad Debt Transfer Amount
3312NMO Bad Debt Recovery Amount
341ISO Delete Account Indicator
358DTO Delete Account Date
363ISO Discharge Disposition
3747DLDO Discharged to Location
38250CEO Diet Type
392ISO Servicing Facility
401ISB Bed Status
412ISO Account Status
4280PLO Pending Location
4380PLO Prior Temporary Location
4426TSO Admit Date/Time
4526TSOYDischarge Date/Time
4612NMO Current Patient Balance
4712NMO Total Charges
4812NMO Total Adjustments
4912NMO Total Payments
50250CXO Alternate Visit ID
511ISO Visit Indicator
52250XCNBYOther Healthcare Provider

For the complete HL7 Standard, please go to the HL7 organization website. In HL7 pipe and hat format, the PV1 segment would look like this example:


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