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ViVE 2024 sets the stage for digital health innovation 

Spring is here, which means we’re eager and hopeful for the year to come. It also means several Rhapsody employees made their way to Los Angeles for ViVE 2024. They shared observations, takeaways, and their vision for the year ahead in this blog post.  

ViVE attendees are top-notch! 

“I found the ViVE audience to be very knowledgeable about interoperability and wanted to understand where Rhapsody fit in the overall picture.  It was a great opportunity to talk about how other solutions are either incomplete or monolithic, whereas Rhapsody offers a complete, composable, and modular solution through our Digital Health Enablement Platform.” – Drew Ivan, Chief Strategy Officer 

“After a busy three days, I left ViVE feeling excited, hopeful, and optimistic. We talked with attendees about how they use Corepoint for analysts and Rhapsody for developers, what data they need access to, what FHIR is and can be, and how to enable – actually, accelerate – digital health adoption.” – Michelle Blackmer, Chief Marketing Officer 

“I had a chance to attend a few sessions when I wasn’t talking to people in the booth (or handing out Tide pens!). What I heard energized me for the work we’re doing at Rhapsody. Patients are demanding a better consumer experience, hospitals need to show ROI of their technology investments, and COVID still has a lasting impact on budgets and finances. These are all the reasons Rhapsody is focused on bridging the gap between providers and health tech companies – of enabling and accelerating digital health adoption.” – Shelley Wehmeyer, Sr. Director, Product & Partner Marketing 

Customers shared what they need technology to do 

“I had several conversations with healthcare technology companies who are looking to grow and scale their business in the next 12 months, understanding what customers – patients and their families – are wanting out of their healthcare experience.” – Jim Dowling, Vice President, Sales 

“One of my key takeaways was from a CIO exploring integration engine options. Because of a workforce reduction, his engineering team is considerably smaller, yet they have the same amount of work to do. He noted he wants to stop being a part-time interface builder in addition to his CIO responsibilities. He’d rather use his expertise and experience to inform his company’s strategy and vision. That’s exactly where Rhapsody comes in and supports, enabling customers to focus on what they do best.” – Shelley  

“Patient Identity is a national topic. It struck me that leaders are identifying and evaluating Identity solutions at that scale – at a national level. I’m eager for Rhapsody Identityenterprise master person index (EMPI) and Provider Registry – to contend for this business.” – John Gorman, Sales Director 

AI was abuzz  

It was impossible to miss anything AI-related. In fact, from presentations to booths to conversations, AI was the recurring theme at ViVE. There is excitement for how it can help improve operational efficiencies, bring some relief to overburdened clinicians, and push healthcare’s digital transformation forward. There were also many concerns related to ethical use of AI, AI bias that may not be representative of the population at large, and the impact to health equity if underrepresented groups do not have access to such tools.  

“The AI conversation was prevalent, and most people I spoke to were either piloting or evaluating solutions. Providers want innovative solutions to alleviate burnout, increase operational efficiencies, and automate patient engagement. Having reliable, clean data is the bedrock for AI to be successful.” – John  

“In one session I attended, providers spoke about needing to clearly define their measures of success, especially for technology investments. Even believing AI is special, it still needs to prove ROI. Will it result in lower cost, higher quality, and faster time to value? It’s important to create transparency and build trust in the AI with end users and leaders.” – Shelley  

Show experience – we’re eager to attend again next year!  

“The show exceeded my expectations. I appreciated the networking with different people, in various roles, from a variety of companies. They were all about problem solving and industry collaboration, and I believe that’s what healthcare really needs.” – Jim  

Beyond talking with providers and growing health tech customers, it’s no surprise that meeting Alex, the therapy dog, was a favorite moment for me. From a content perspective, the integration of CHIME and diversity of the sessions was fantastic. My colleagues and I were privileged to connect with CIOs in the CHIME lounge – we will for certain be back.” – Michelle

ViVE: John, Shelley and Michelle

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