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Customer feedback: Stable, secure, and reliable

December 7, 2017

Corepoint Monitor

Stability, security, and reliability are three of the most common terms customers use to describe Corepoint Integration Engine. Positive feedback from our customers and the resulting referrals are key motivators for the entire Corepoint Health staff.

The following feedback was shared with us by one of our customers, a 750-bed hospital system on the East coast.

One of our goals over the coming year is to share more customer feedback on the blog. If you have something to add to the following topics, or have anything else to say about your experience with Corepoint Health, we look forward to publishing your thoughts. If you are interested in participating, please email your feedback to your Account Executive.

Now to the great customer feedback:

Topic: Product reliability saves time

“Corepoint has been a great benefit to the hospital because it has required less time to configure interfaces. It has also required less troubleshooting than other engines that we’ve worked with. Changes that we make have the expected results. There’s been virtually no unexpected impact when we make a change. That’s been a great benefit to the hospital and allowed patient information to flow more efficiently, more quickly. Overall, it’s been a great benefit.”

Topic: Upgrade ease

“We’ve never had an issue where an upgrade caused any existing interface logic to fail. If any changes were required before an upgrade, the process is clearly stated in the documentation by Support. In more than 12 years, nothing has been a surprise or unexpected. When we go into production with an upgrade, there has never been an issue with existing logic.”

Topic: No surprises

“Corepoint has the testing and diagnostic tools needed to identify problems or catch unexpected issues caused by any change you plan to an interface.”

Watch a short video of a Corepoint Health Sales Engineer discussing the importance of a reliable interoperability platform.


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