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Medrics scales patient engagement app globally with Rhapsody Integration Engine

January 26, 2023

Medrics is a healthcare IT solutions provider offering a comprehensive patient experience platform that serves as a digital front door for provider organizations. The Medrics platform, Medex, digitizes the patient journey, from initial outreach to discharge and follow-up, including automated patient communications, online scheduling, location services and wayfinding, clinic results, and more. Medrics works with nearly 100 provider customers around the globe and recently expanded into the United States, serving Veteran’s Health Administration. 

In this video, Medrics leaders Anthony Concolino and Sean Simpson, explain how Medrics started and how the Medex platform uses Rhapsody to integrate healthcare data from disparate sources for improved patient experiences and outcomes. 

Watch the video or read the transcript below. 


Rhapsody: What is Medrics? 

Anthony Concolino: We are trying to be the most complete and comprehensive patient experience platform on the market today. Our CEO (Altug Ozdamar), both his parents were going through cancer at the exact same time, and he had to juggle both his father’s and his mother’s appointments on separate occasions, sometimes the same day. He just didn’t know who needed to be where at what time and where they needed to be. 

Sean Simpson: And so that’s how things started, and that’s how Medrics became Medrics. It started off with him trying to come up with a way to help his parents, which in a sense now has led to how do we help everybody else as patients within the healthcare system. 

At that point in time, there were about 10 functionalities that we started off with, and then it grew into the 65 plus that we currently have now as the Medrics platform. The company is called Medrics, but the platform is called Medex. And that platform Medex is what is now serving our current customers now. 

Rhapsody: How is Medrics using Rhapsody? 

Anthony: We have about 65 functionalities that we can develop into a platform for our clients. Some of those we have developed in house. Some of those are through partnership agreements that we have now. They could come to us, and this is all based because we’re partners with Rhapsody, that Rhapsody allows all the functions that we utilize to speak with each other, whether it’s HL7, FHIR, SOAP, doesn’t matter. They could all speak with one another. 

Sean: The Medex platform wouldn’t be the Medex platform if we didn’t have the Rhapsody product. That Rhapsody product is what allows us to do all of these integrations into the platform in itself, which allows us to offer what we can as Medrics to the customer to be able to pull things like the EHR, we can pull billing, telehealth products, anything along those lines we’re able to do just because Rhapsody is the center core of our platform. 

Rhapsody: Where does Medrics operate?  

Sean: Our main customer base is overseas, EMEA. We have a few customers currently coming online. In UAW we have Turkey, and then in the US we’re solely currently working on the government side with the VA. And then we’re currently in the process of expanding into more of the private healthcare side. 

Rhapsody: What’s next for Medrics? 

We’ll remain a healthcare vertical application and continue to grow in that area. That’s something that Medrics will continue to flourish in. We’ll continue on as we bring on new customers and new partnerships. 

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