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McKinsey & Co: ‘How healthcare systems can become digital-health leaders’

February 8, 2016

From McKinsey and Co:

“Health systems must begin developing open innovation platforms to enable payors and digital-health application developers to share data. With appropriate patient privacy safeguards and regulatory changes, these platforms will enable health systems to offer patients innovative ways to improve their health while avoiding wasting money on ineffective applications. Many digital-health applications will no doubt fail, but time to market will be accelerated for applications that succeed, and their developers will enjoy a more sustainable business model. The ideal result would be a digital-health partnership in which the end result is better than anything the stakeholders could have developed separately. This approach would make digital-health innovation the first innovation in healthcare that is not leading to higher cost but to a more efficient and effective health system.”

Excellent report from McKinsey that details what they consider a health IT platform, which would lead to widespread, scalable digital health. 

Here at Corepoint Health we believe that a best-of-breed approach can best accomplish digital health goals. 

It wasn’t long ago when health IT departments were stuck with the reality of implementing modules from one vendor that worked together, yet didn’t satisfy the needs of every department. Choosing an integrated system with strengths in usability often meant the likelihood of weakness in other areas such as customer service and connectivity. 

Companies no longer have to sacrifice functionality for the sake of integration. You can have your cake and eat it too!

A hospital can become nimble and responsive, with their IT systems as a competitive advantage. Integration is no longer the shackles that threaten a CIO’s livelihood.

Advantages using a best of breed approach and Corepoint Integration Engine:

  • Best of breed at the integration layer allows hospitals to implement best of breed solutions at the clinical application layer, which allows other departments to make technology choices that compliment and improve their workflow environment
  • Updates can be rolled out without affecting other systems
  • Quickly respond to market changes
  • Easily parse, integrate, and exchange data between applications, systems, and locations

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