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Manage versions and workflows with improved visibility and usability in Rhapsody Semantic 15.3

With the 15.3 release, Rhapsody Semantic continues to provide the agility and flexibility required by organizations of all sizes to get the most efficiency possible out of a centralized clinical terminology management strategy. Along with many other enhancements and delighters, Rhapsody Semantic 15.3 makes it easier than ever to work with versions of namespaces, FHIR code systems, and workflows. 

Check out the User Community for more information. 

Namespace Versioning 

Increase your effectiveness managing namespace versions with the 15.3 release. With this enhancement, users can identify the current version of core and extension namespaces as well as view the history of versions imported to the environment. Though namespace versions are optional, most code system content released by Rhapsody will include version history going forward.  

FHIR Code System Version Support 

When configuring a FHIR Code System resource, you can now configure specific versions of a namespace. Having versions configured for FHIR Code Systems means your FHIR users can request data from a specific version. No worries if this option doesn’t make sense for you. If there is no version configured, it will automatically point to the current published data. The FHIR Code System Version Support is available for extension namespaces as well.  

Workflow Status Management 

In 15.3, get increased clarity to the processes that drive your team’s work. With this release, new statuses and a refreshed UI for workflows are available. This makes it possible for you to retire workflows that should no longer be used. You have an option to republish them if needed.  

Extending Versioning Enhancements to the Get Code System API 

The value of versioning in the Semantic UI is extended to the “Get CodeSystem versions by OID” API endpoint as well. It now returns all potential versions for all namespaces within that code system. 

And more 

Semantic users can find out the additional enhancements in 15.3 in the Rhapsody User Community or in the user guide. Others can contact us to learn more about the enhancements in Rhapsody Semantic 15.3.  

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