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It’s time to take another look at EHR implementation to realize the immense value hidden in patient data

Countless hours and billions of dollars have been spent by providers to create a streamlined and integrated clinical environment capable of decreasing operating costs, improving clinical quality and qualifying for incentives. These efforts, however, are typically pursued from a “project first” perspective, focusing on the implementation cycle and its metrics – system selection, launch and functionality – as the markers for EHR value realization. Instead of a well-integrated, streamlined EHR system that drives and enables process improvements in care delivery, providers end up with an EHR that does a great job automating existing processes whether they support improvements in care or not.

Now is the time to move beyond the “project first” mindset to understanding and enhancing the powerful role technology plays in transforming care delivery through a “care first” approach. A new mindset is necessary to achieve full EHR value realization. This can only be done by integrating clinical, operational and technology performance improvement efforts in a manner that is fundamentally different than healthcare organizations have ever had the need or opportunity to do in the past. The technology can and should play a key role in achieving superior levels of care delivery performance across all dimensions of cost, quality, outcomes and patient, physician and staff satisfaction.

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Fantastic post here by Myra Aubuchon, principal at The Chartis Group; and, we could not agree more.

We fully believe that high-quality, sustainable health IT systems depend on a best-of-breed integration layer that serves as the health data platform to interoperate between applications.

Without this integration layer, providers, as Ms. Aubuchon stated, “end up with an EHR that does a great job of automating existing processes whether they support improvements in care or not.”

While much attention has been placed on the EHR system, we believe Corepoint Integration Engine serves as the catalyst for all health data activities that and allows IT departments to break free from EHR “data siloes” and reap the benefits of data analytics and population health applications designed to leverage existing data for key insights for quality care.

Once health data is centralized through Corepoint Integration Engine, the IT team is empowered with full knowledge of system performance and has the ability to make use of many applications althe enormous amount of health data generated every day.

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