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Interoperability Success: Radiology Consultants of Iowa


Radiology Consultants of Iowa believes that providing integrated services to the referral community is the best way to stand out from their competitors, which is key for modern radiology practices. RCI isn’t necessarily the cheapest radiology provider in the marketplace, said CIO Joe Moore, but they differentiate their services by consistently providing the best quality and the fastest turnaround times, “and it’s not even close,” he says.

Key facts about RCIby focusing on quality, RCI is able to build true partnerships with the referring medical community, something joe believes is much more important and longer lasting than a standard business agreement. by directly integrating with their partners’ EHR systems, RCI seamlessly connects without the need for their partners to install additional programs, create troublesome workarounds, or cause a traffic jam at the fax machine. business partners send orders to RCI directly from their EHR.

Joe and his staff have also dramatically improved RCI’s billing efficiency, eliminating errors and improving cash flow. “we used to print mountains and mountains of paper just for the reports to be sent off and coded, and that equaled time, effort and money. we’ve progressed to where the process is entirely automated, reducing significant costs in terms of labor and materials.”

joe moore, cio, radiology consultants of iowa talks about Corepoint Integration Engine

“Corepoint Health’s technology allows us to take in multiple feeds from 19 different facilities, normalize them, and then integrate them into an efficient workflow for our radiologists,” he said. “If i were to draw you a picture of just about anything we do, Corepoint Integration Engine would be in the middle. it is central. i don’t know if it’s our most mission-critical technology, but it’s right up there – it makes everything work.”

as a result of their ability to automate patient care, RCI qualified for meaningful use reimbursement in 2012. now that RCI has their health data interoperability under control, Joe said RCI is taking significant strides toward transitioning from a traditional fee-for-service care model to the accountable care model that will be prevalent in the near future. 

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