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How Wisconsin Department of Health Services uses Rhapsody Integration Engine

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Configuration and Environment  

Rhapsody Integration Engine 


Hybrid agency – Separate Medicaid and Public Health divisions. Just starting – Planning, piloting, and training.  

Prefer to maintain transformation and final delivery of data from external feeds and re-use standard transport mechanisms.  

Anticipate production readiness in September 2016.  

Cancer Reporting  

Pediatric Early Case Capture. ‒ Evaluating DIRECT messaging and SFTP feeds.  

Evaluating adding in a layer of abstraction between registries and PHIN-MS data feeds to insert pre-processing business rules.  

Future Work  

Adding service layers, automating, and enhancing the security of internal registry flows.  

Building capacity for increased Meaningful Use reporting. Immunization Reporting  

Exchange is outsourced to HP (the IIS vendor); not using Rhapsody. Syndromic Surveillance  

Data are sent from hospitals directly to BioSense via ER/EMR system. 

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