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How Minnesota Department of Health uses Rhapsody Integration Engine

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Configuration and Environment  


Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR) 

Validate incoming HL7 ORU messages before import into the electronic disease surveillance system.  

Transform and translate incoming HL7 ORU to formats (i.e., CSV) used by other systems in the agency such as eHARS and our Blood Lead information system for consumption.  

CDC Reporting

Transform and translate data in the databases of internal systems to meet format and encoding standards of the CDC. The electronic disease surveillance system generates some reporting tables in a database; Rhapsody reads data from those tables and then builds HL7 before sending it off to PHINMS and the CDC.  

Other Use Cases  

Uses within health: Family Home Visiting, Blood Lead, HIV/STD, and PHINMS via (DB).  

Non-health uses: Billing (Retrieve from DB, deliver to FTP).  

Future: HIE  

Developing use cases to integrate internal health information systems.  

Exploring the work need to integrate the Refugee Health Information System with the Immunization Registry.  

Exploring ways to integrate any number of systems with their Vital Records System.  

CDC Reporting: Hepatitis reporting and Newborn screening records to CDC.  

Additional direct email implementations. 

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