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How Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Division of Public Health uses Rhapsody Integration Engine

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Bureau of Epidemiology & Public Health Informatics  

Configuration and Environment  


Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR) 

41 Meaningful Use compliant facilities, 3 Reference Labs and State Lab in production resulting in 89.4% of lab volume received via ELR.  

Accept STD, HIV, Hepatitis, Lead/Toxic, Enteric, General Communicable, Zoonotic, VPD, Influenza and TB ELR messages.  

Messages are received using Rhapsody by TCP/IP, PHIN- MS (Direct, APHL, CDC) and messages from a proprietary KDHE Web Services program.  

Filters, JavaScript modifications, search and replace functions have been added to make facility messages compliant with surveillance system requirements. 

Lead Program  

Blood lead reports are received on the Rhapsody Lead Route which separates elevated and non-elevated blood lead reports. Elevated reports are routed to the surveillance system. Child and adult non-elevated lead level reports, are converted them to a .csv file and stored them for insertion to an alternate recording program.  

Adult lead HL7 reports are sent via email. Lead program places the files in a folder where Rhapsody picks up the files and automatically processes through the Lead Route. 

Infectious Disease  

MU2 Infectious Disease reports are received into Rhapsody through the same feed as ELR from our Kansas Hospital Information Network, filtered by reportable disease condition and routed accordingly. 

Birth Defects  

MU2 Birth Defect reports are received into Rhapsody through the same feed as ELR from their Kansas Hospital Information Network. The reports are routed to the Birth Defects program. 

Kansas Health & Environment Laboratory HIV (KHEL – State Lab)  

A TCP/IP transmission from KHEL feeds into Rhapsody which separates ELR messages, PHLIP and LRN Reports. ELR messages are sent to an ELR Route, and PHLIP and LRN reports are sent to the PHINMS for transmission to CDC. 

Varicella Case Notification Reporting  

Rhapsody picks up varicella data created from the surveillance system, maps the data in accordance to the Varicella message mapping guide, creates an HL7 Varicella Case Notification report for transmission to CDC. 


HIV reports are separated by Rhapsody and sent to the staging area of the surveillance system. HIV staff transfer the messages to eHARS. 

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